A Detailed Overview of Possible Insurances for Private Individuals

A Detailed Overview of Possible Insurances for Private Individuals

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There are more and more types of insurance. Often you cannot see the forest through the trees. This article gives you an alphabetical overview of insurances for private individuals.

Construction insurance
With a Construction insurance, you cover damage to your home through refurbishment work.

Liability insurance
If you cause material or physical damage, you are often responsible for the costs, or liability. With a liability insurance for private individuals you can insure yourself for this. The most important liability insurance is that for motor vehicles (cars, motorbikes)

Cancellation insurance
A cancellation insurance reimburses (in full or in part) your travel sum, cancellation costs or accommodation costs if you have to cancel, cancel or interrupt your holiday.

Occupational disability insurance
This insurance covers the financial consequences of total or partial incapacity for work.

Motor vehicle assistance insurance
Insurance that provides cover for a broken car abroad or possibly in the country you living or when you are unable to drive the car due to personal circumstances. A travel or car insurance policy can also offer this cover, so check whether you need this insurance with Ocean harbor casualty insurance.

Car insurance
This is an insurance policy that compensates damage to your car or theft of your car or damage that you cause as a driver. There are three types: limited hull, full hull / all-risk, and (compulsory) third-party insurance (see liability insurance).

Investment insurance
A type of life insurance whereby the insurer invests (a part of) the premium. The amount paid depends on the return.

Moped, motorcycle or scooter insurance
If you have a moped, motorcycle or scooter, you are obliged to take out third-party motor insurance (see liability insurance).

Caravan insurance
With a caravan insurance, you insure against damage to or loss of your caravan and its fixed inventory. The cover only applies if you do not cause the damage.

Casco insurance
A casco insurance covers damage to your car, motorcycle or boat against various risks such as fire, natural disasters, etc. Damage to accessories or items in the vehicle or vessel is not covered.

Theft insurance
With this insurance, you are compensated for damage in the event of theft of items that fall under cover of the insurance.

Bicycle insurance
A bicycle insurance covers damage and loss of a bicycle.

Glass insurance
This is an insurance that compensates for the damage of broken mirrors, glasses, windows etc.

Household insurance
With a home insurance you are insured against damage to or theft of your possessions that are in your home.

Valuable insurance
A valuables insurance covers damage to or loss of precious objects or collections. You may not have caused the damage or loss yourself.

Life insurance
This insurance will be paid out upon the death of the insured person. A life insurance policy is sometimes required for a mortgage. The mortgage provider then knows that the next of kin can continue to pay off the mortgage.

Annuity insurance
With an annuity insurance, you save an amount with periodic payments that you can use to supplement your pension later on.

Accident insurance
This is an insurance that pays out if the insured person receives an accident. This can be a payment in the event of death and permanent disability or reimbursement of medical costs that are not protected by the health insurance.

Building insurance
A building insurance policy covers damage to your home or business premises due to fire, storm, burglary and other causes of damage. This insurance is mandatory if you take out a mortgage.

Term life insurance
A type of life insurance with a predetermined maximum duration. If the insured person dies during that period, the insurance will immediately pay an amount to the surviving relative (s). For some mortgages, a term life insurance policy is mandatory.

Recreational craft insurance
This insurance covers loss of or damage to recreational craft, including contents, liability and additional costs.

Legal insurance
A legal expenses insurance reimburses costs of support in case of a legal conflict.

Rain insurance
With a rain insurance, you get compensation if your holiday has fallen into the water due to rain.

Travel insurance
This is an insurance that provides cover for damage during your trip or vacation. Coverage usually includes loss of or damage to baggage, medical assistance and repatriation costs. You can take out the travel insurance for a specific holiday or on an ongoing basis for all your trips in a year.

Smartphone insurance
Insurance for damage to or loss of your smartphone. Is often superfluous because damage is already covered by a home contents insurance, valuables insurance or travel insurance.

Funeral insurance
The funeral insurance covers the costs of the funeral or cremation of the insured person. It can also be a kind of insurance policy. The insurer then pays no money but arranges the funeral or cremation.

Housing costs insurance
This insurance will be issued if you are no longer able to work (fully), so that you can continue to pay your fixed costs.

Health insurance
The health insurance covers your medical expenses. In any case, it consists of a compulsory basic health insurance. You can also take out additional health insurance for medical expenses that are outside the basic insurance.



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