What are the Main Types of Warts?

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Most people believe that there are only those common warts, usually resembling a “small cauliflower.” But in fact there are several types, and many of them are confused with blemishes or even with sore calli.

Filiform Warts
Thorny warts are also known as normal warts. They occur in the form of bulging, hard lumps, alternating the size of a pin head to that of a pea. Afterwards, they may come to berries and turn gray. There is a tendency for the formation of the daughter’s warts. Preferred locations for barbed warts are hands, fingers and soles.

Warts brush
Brush warts are a sub-form of common warts, but they are much rarer. Mostly they are very small and provided with various similar growths in a cable. They can be white to pink in color and occasionally show brown discoloration on top. Brush warts mainly occur around these eyes, eyelids, mouth and neck and therefore are visually very disturbing.

Mosaic warts
As they mostly occur on the surface of the foot, they are often called plantar warts. In most cases, they are no larger than a head and are whitish in color. Mosaic warts can form many side warts, but they do not cause pain.

Plantar warts

In contrast to using mosaic warts, plantar warts (also called plantar warts) can cause mild to severe pain. They also appear on the soles of these feet, grow in the depths and press like a thorn in the skin at every step. Plantar warts may have a slightly curled and rough surface to the outside, but appear flat. Its own extension most of the time only becomes noticeable when they are removed. Plantar warts can simply be confused with the branches. In contrast to warts, the cause of their development is not especially a viral infection, however especially with shoes too tight and / or tight. The skin “defends” against the pressure with the formation by a wart, that grows in depth and way a species of spur. Primarily, the grains may make it possible to be well treated using wart ointments or pharmacy patches.

But how to get warts?

Although unfortunate, I was already content to live with my warts, after all, nothing I tried helped me.

But last year, I made a trip that changed my life forever! I went to Spain to visit my cousin and his fiancée, and I ended up having the opportunity to meet a dermatologist there.

And there she told me that she had recently launched a book called How to Eliminate Warts Naturally and Definitely. After years of study, he was able to find the best treatment to eliminate warts.

The great differential of this dermatologist was his focus on natural treatments to treat various skin problems, drawing on scientific research and studies in Europe and the United States to develop their treatments.

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I felt as if I had really found a light at the end of the tunnel. After trying everything I could to eliminate the warts (and have no results), would this simple treatment be the solution I’ve been looking for?

Today I feel happy and motivated like never before! They say I look more beautiful without the wart on my face and hearing it makes me so good!



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