Best Mens Fashion Trends in 2018

Best Mens Fashion Trends in 2018

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Do you not see the forest through the trees anymore? We put all the menswear fashion trends of this fall in a row. And of course, we have looked at how we can adopt the latest trends, so you will always find matching items.

1. Black and white
At first glance, a ‘safe’ and perhaps boring trend, because how much can you do with these two colors? Much, it turns out. Diamonds, dots, graphic shapes, wool mixed with cotton and other surprising materials: you cannot think of it so bad, or you will see it again this autumn. Do you prefer something quieter? That is also no problem: the classic black and white stripe are always possible, just like a subtle print. Black and white can be combined with gray, navy, dark red or – see trend 8 – green.

2. Sport
Do we hear a sigh of relief? We understand that: this is a trend that will appeal to many men. Sporty but dressed, that’s what he comes down to. Think of a stylish sweatshirt of sweat fabric, beautiful suits of sweat fabric and coats with a coating. All finished with nice zippers and made with an eye for detail. Although a print is always allowed, you will see this clothing mainly in one color. Especially white, gray and black are popular.

3. Fun
One of our favorite trends for mens fashion, because although we think a good outfit is essential, clothing can also be a bit ‘fun’. The fun is mainly reflected in the form of cartoon characters, texts, use of color and exclusive prints. Bold, yet stylish. How about a T-shirt with an owl print, or a sweater with Good on it? If you prefer to wear something more subtle, opt for socks in a bright color or with a unique print!

4. Khaki
The time when the color khaki was associated with zip-off trousers for holiday-loving men is really over. It is a gorgeous color, which is especially suitable for men with dark hair and can be combined with almost all colors. A khaki sweater with a white shirt or khaki jacket with black jersey: it’s all possible. Our favorite combination: a khaki jacket or sweater with a nice pair of jeans. Casual, but stylish.

5. Advanced cables
You may not want to think about it yet, but the winter is on. And how nice a sweater is, if you’re going to keep it stylish you choose this for a sweater with advanced cables, or the cable jersey 2.0. Winter colors like dark blue, burgundy, gray and black predominate. Regarding shape and materials, on the other hand, everything is excellent: a knitted turtleneck is great in your closet next to a cotton sweater with V-neck.

6. Oversized
Last year the skinny jeans were still hip & happening, this fall may be a bit looser. Jeans with a relaxed fit, not to be confused with baggy. This trend also applies to the rest of your outfit: choose a loose-fitting top or an oversized jacket. Even the old trusted bomber may be out of the closet again. Clothes that are comfortable and stylish. Win win!

7. Folklore
A recurring theme in fashion, and this season too, folklore is not lacking. It is a trend that is difficult to put in a box. What it comes down to is that this style combines the most extraordinary and beautiful motifs from different cultures. That means a lot of prints, flowers, embroidery, knitting and a bohemian vibe. You may have to get used to it, but because you can deal with it in so many ways, you will always end up with a fitting outfit. Rules are not there: combine the motifs and colors that you like. Do you prefer to be quieter? Then choose a basic outfit with one garment or accessories in folklore style.

8. Green
Green is becoming increasingly popular! From chinos to t-shirts and jackets: it’s green this autumn. Boring? Anyway, because just go to see how many colors of green you know. Pastel green is a totally different color than grass green or apple green. And everything is allowed. The real daredevils go green for green. A slightly safer option is one green item or army green, a color that we see a lot and always can.



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