Determining Factors when choosing a Rehabilitation Center

Determining Factors when choosing a Rehabilitation Center

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1. Do you actually need detoxification under medical supervision?
Detoxification under medical supervision is necessary when the body has developed a physical dependence with regard to alcohol or drugs. Some severe addictions can cause withdrawal symptoms that can lead to medical complications, and in some cases even death. In those cases, it is necessary that people kick off under medical supervision. It is, therefore, essential to check which detoxification processes the potential treatment center applies. Simply ask for it!

2. What types of addictions does the center deal with?
There will be centers that cover a broad spectrum; others will be more specialized in the field of specific addictions. If you are fighting with drug addiction, it is of course not preferable that you join a center that mainly treats alcohol addictions. This is primarily imperative when you are dealing with compulsive behavioral habits. You will then benefit from choosing a center that has experience in treating eating, sex, gambling and other behavioral addictions.

3. On what type of clients does the center focus?
Many programs are individual, but some will also offer group therapy as well as treatments that target different population groups. Ask yourself if you can identify yourself with a particular group and whether it is useful to choose a treatment specifically aimed at such a group.

4. What is the treatment method and is it scientifically substantiated?
One of the most significant factors to consider is the type of treatment used by the rehabilitation center. The procedure must be scientifically substantiated, which means that the treatment methods have been studied and they have been proven to work. Treatments should take place for a large part of the time in individual counseling as well as in groups. Everyone experiences an addiction differently, so the more a program is tailored to you as an individual, the better it will be for you. For example, ask how a day program usually looks like. This will help you determine the extent to which it is tailored to your specific needs. For example, are there different options when it comes to group and individual activities so that everyone’s different needs and preferences are met?

5. Is there a Family Program?
Addiction affects the whole family, and sometimes the entire family. Treatment programs that also pay attention to this and contain a specific family component have proven better results. Nowadays, many of the better clinics offer family programs with different levels of involvement of the individual family members. Ask the clinic you have in mind why they request a separate rate for this or that such a program is part of the total treatment plan.

6. Which Aftercare Services are offered?
The duration of different treatments will vary everywhere. However, in order to ensure that a treatment is successful, it is necessary to provide aftercare in the long term. Every high alcohol and drug rehabilitation center will offer an understandable and thorough aftercare program.

7. Do you need treatment for dual diagnosis? Does the center provide this?
If you suffer from other mental health issues, such as depression, tension, anxiety or if you have experienced severe trauma, it is in your interest to choose a rehabilitation center that is capable of treating these disorders in parallel with the addiction.

8. Does the center measure its own success rate?
Good treatment programs will report on the recovery process of the patients. Ask the center if they consider a treatment to be successful and which statistics they can submit with regard to the success rates achieved by them!

9. What level of privacy/confidentiality is taken into account?
Although all intramural, as well as ambulatory rehabilitation centers, keep guidelines when it comes to confidentiality, comparable to what can be expected when you receive medical care, some centers will raise the bar in this area than others. There will be intramural centers that look more like a resort or hotel, and there are also outpatient centers that do not have any external characteristics that betray that they are an addiction treatment center; in this way, it is the client’s choice how they want to deal with their treatment and privacy. When selecting a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center, it is important to work thoroughly. It is therefore advisable that consultation with a doctor or addiction specialist takes place to determine which level of treatment is necessary.

Are you a pet lover and cannot live without your pet, and at the same time you are looking for a rehab center. There is nothing to worry about at all, there are so many pet friendly rehabs, which allow you to bring your pets along. The reason behind this act is, people are mostly too much attached to their pets, and we can say in a way, pets play a vital role in the recovery of addiction conditions. The more the treatment is tailored to your specific needs, the higher the chance that you will heal in one go, and you can lead a long healthy life.



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