The Best features of the Windows 10 Updates

The Best features of the Windows 10 Updates

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Microsoft launches several new features with the Updates. We list the most interesting new options for you.

New design language
Since Windows 10 was released, Microsoft has made few graphics changes. At first glance, this is no different at Update. The differences are minimal, but if you dig deeper, you will see that the Calculator and the Action Center look slightly different.
The differences seem subtle, but under the bonnet, Microsoft brought a new design language to life: the Microsoft Fluent Design System, formerly known as Project Neon. The guidelines are intended for app developers to bring the applications closer to the design of Windows 10.

Windows Mixed Reality
Virtual reality, augmented reality is technologies that bring us into a different world. Mixed Reality can be seen as the ultimate in this trend. Microsoft launches a platform that supports this new technology. From now on, every computer – including yours – supports applications of augmented and virtual reality.

Communication center
A new ‘People’ button appears next to the system tray in the taskbar. This function is called ‘People Hub’ and is an application that allows Windows 10 to unite contacts and make it easier for the user to reach. With the window, you can easily look up someone, and then choose how you contact that person. Your three best friends, colleagues or relatives can be pinned next to the button for quick access.

Edge uses chase
Internet Explorer was for many years the ‘bull’ among the browsers. Anyone who had eaten cheese from technology promptly installed an alternative on his computer such as Firefox or Chrome. Microsoft tried to improve the image of its browser when introducing Edge, but still few users choose the Microsoft browser. However, Edge has long since ceased to be the pre-emptive tool.

OneDrive is more efficient with your storage
If you use Microsoft’s cloud service, you should update to the version of Windows 10 as soon as possible. The concern launches OneDrive On-Demand, which makes it easier for you to browse through your cloud files from the Explorer. The files are now only downloaded when you need them, so you save a lot of storage space.

Eye-tracking as input method
The update brings a new input method to Windows 10: from now on you can use your eyes to write a text or control your PC. For most users, this function will not provide added value. This feature is especially suitable for people with a disease such as a disease ALS: a deadly nerve-muscle disease in which muscle weakening occurs and eventually paralysis. The optic nerve is not affected, so that patients get an alternative method to surf, type or even play in extremis. For the time being, only the sensors of Tobii are supported.

GPU tab in Task Manager
In Task Manager you could already monitor the use of your processor, memory and hard drive. With the Update, Microsoft adds your video card. In the ‘Performance’ tab you can now read the use of the GPU per component. This way it can be shown whether the video card is used for displaying 3D content or for playing video. It also shows how much memory is outsourced to the GPU.

Story Remix
Finally, the Photo app in Windows 10 received a real metamorphosis. From now on you can also use the app to make video compilations. You can select photos and videos to make a movie in no time. For example, you can place an excellent title on the images, add a 3D effect or apply a color filter. Open the Photo app, click on ‘Creations’ at the top and get started with your images. For example, you can make a compilation of your trip or a family party. Afterwards, you can easily export the result to share it with your friends on social media.
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