Why you should make your kid play online games?

Why you should make your kid play online games?

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There are some parents who just do not like their kids playing games on the internet. You may not be a fan of games at all or you might be a parent who prefer his children going out and playing games that are physically challenging rather than spending time in front of screens and playing online games. However, as outdoor games bring benefit to your children, playing games online also have its own benefits. There are only a few people who are aware of the development that goes in children when they play in such way.

Better visuals
One of the biggest problem for parents is the strain that gaming can cause to the eyes of a person. However, researches show that games possess equal (if not better) visual power. In fact, gaming can help a person in tracking smallest of changes that happen in an area. They are able to put multiple things on their watch list while they are sitting somewhere. They can perform 3D rotation of objects in their mind and all these capabilities come to them from gaming where they actually have to do all these jobs or else they will be at losing end.

Better problem solving
There are games that will ask a person to solve problems. For instance, the crosswords, chessboard, and other games are out there which will stimulate the problem solving ability of your mind. Moreover, even the games that do not fall into puzzle category, such as RPG, will also make you somehow act as a problem solver. You might be given options at some stage and it all depends on your assessment and analyzation. That choice will make or break your game and this is where you become better problem solver.

Better mental processing
There are times when a person is in need of making decisions and there is just a little time available. At that time, you have to stimulate all your mental power and process information at a very high rate as you come up with a solution. When you are gaming, there may be stages and occasions when you have only a couple of seconds to make a decision and the whole game depends on those couple of seconds. Therefore, you get the ability to enhance the processing speed of your mind while staying on your couch and playing your favorite game.

Better memory
Last but not the least, playing online games can actually boost your memory. Firstly, there are games that target memory of a person and will make him remember things before asking him a question. Then, there are story mode games and things where you need to remember a few events and stuff as you proceed further because it will be utilized somewhere within the game. So, as you go to a specific point, you will have to make a callback to that point with your mind and think of what happened there before you make your next move. So, it enhances your memory and ability to remember events.
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