X-Gluc for Prompt E-coli Detection

X-Gluc for Prompt E-coli Detection

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When it comes to food, Escherichia coli are considered to be the foremost reason why most of the people end up with severe diarrhea, infections of the urinary tract and other gastric issues. They contaminate the food and make it unsafe for human consumption. To make sure that the food that is being prepared for animals and humans is safe from these bacteria, the food, as well as the production plants, have to be tested for it.

A look at the main problem
Considering the technology, we have access to, one would assume that this whole E-coli testing and detection wouldn’t take more than a couple of hours, but this is not so. Most of the detection methods that are being used by the food and beverage companies do not produce results for a good 4-6 days. This is extremely late given that we are dealing with lives here. The process can be additional delayed if the task of sample collection is being outsourced.

What can you do instead?
We need a method which gives us accurate and prompt results within 24 hours. Not only would this benefit the health but food industry too. Catching the batches of contaminated food on time is something which can save us a lot of trouble. To achieve this purpose a lot of new techniques are being worked upon with X-gluc being one of the best ones.
X-glucuronide is a Chromogenic substrate, which is also known as a BC indicator. This cyclohexyl ammonium salt available in white crystalline form is also known by its chemical name 5-bromo-4-chloro-3-indolyl-beta-D-glucuronic acid sometimes. This substance is used to detect the β-glucuronidase in the bacterial colonies. On coming in contact with the Gus gene, the salt changes its color to a dark blue precipitate. This makes the detection faster and prompt. For more accurate results you can even go for direct plating method for E-coli detection so that the dilution is not a factor for further delay.

Things to take care of
When handling this while crystalline salt, there are a few things you need to take care of to ensure that it stays in its best shape.
1. The shelf life of this synthetic salt is 12 months only. So, try to use it within one-year of its production.
2. In solution form, it should be used on the very same day. If there is a need for preservation, keep the solution away in an airtight container.
3. The salt needs to be kept away from heat and moisture to protect its chemical composition.
4. The storage temperature needs to be low preferably anything around -20° would do.
For more information on the X-Gluc do get in contact with us. The indicator has gained global acclaim and is your way of detecting accurately detecting E-coli in foods and UTIs.



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