How to Keep your Home Plumbing Pipes Protected

How to Keep your Home Plumbing Pipes Protected

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In the midst of a busy week, we barely have time to spare for home maintenance. We leave the indoor household chores to our domestic helpers. Cleaning or keeping the house organized is not one of those things you’d want to do over the weekend, right? We’d love to just relax and not do anything stressful.

However, there are aspects in our house that we can’t ask just anyone to look after. One of which is our home plumbing system. If you let the pipes grow old without any inspection or maintenance work done to them, your household will suffer from contaminated water and other plumbing emergencies.


Here are some tips that we can share with you on how to protect your pipes.

Have routinary drain cleaning
The simplest step you can do is to at least clean your sink drains, both in the kitchen and in the bathroom, at least once a week. This will keep your drain lines clear from dirt and grease accumulation.

Use natural cleaning products as well instead of chemical-based drain cleaning solutions. You can simply mix baking soda, lemon, and hot water to do clean your drain weekly. Chemical-based solutions can potentially damage your pipes in the long run because of their strong formula.


Let pros conduct regular maintenance
Regular maintenance of your water pipes is one of the kindest thing you can do to your plumbing system. Hire trusted plumbers to inspect your pipes and water supply networks. They can perform some maintenance works there as well if something needs to be repaired or improved.


Be careful what you drain on pipes
Be responsible in pouring stuff in your drain as well. Remember that solids, oil, and grease are not supposed to go down the drain. Oil and grease can and will get frozen inside your pipes, causing clogging and even damages on the pipe.


Protect them from pets and children
There are exposed pipes and those buried but under a shallow ground around your house. You better keep these pipes protected from your curious kids and hyperactive pets. To be sure, follow the next step in protecting your plumbing pipes.


Insulate your pipes
If you’re too busy to keep your kids and pets away from these exposed and shallowly buried water pipes, you better insulate your pipes.

There are so many durable types of pipe insulation materials that you can choose from, including calcium and fiberglass types that are strong enough to withstand extremely high and low temperature. Some of them are even used for industrial pipe insulation purposes.

With proper insulation of your pipes, you can keep them from the harsh sun exposure too and even from humidity which is very high in some Asian countries.


Even when plumbing is not as interesting as home interior design and other aspects of your residential property, you have to be responsible in maintaining this part of your home structure. Otherwise, you will encounter hassle and emergencies that will cause inconveniences and danger to your family.

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