The Best Password Managers of 2018

The Best Password Managers of 2018

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There are several passwords that we must keep safe, along with remembering them all with their relevant accounts. For this, some may have a favorite password manager. The benefit of an online password manager is that you can keep your passwords in a convenient location without the fear of losing them. If you haven’t made a decision about utilizing password management tools yet, below is a look at the top 5 password managers in the industry below:

1. Keepass
There are several good reasons why Keepass is among the best password managers of 2018. has given it a decent score of 7.4. This makes it a password manager to be relied upon. It is not only efficient in storing your passwords, but is also available on several kinds of mobile devices, browsers, and operating systems.
You can download Keepass for free and enjoy its unique features any time. This is why it’s one of the favorite password managers of 2018.

2. Sticky Password
This password manager has a fun name and a nice 7.2 Trust score on the reliable site Sticky Password has an intuitive way of working that would get you all your passwords safe and accessible only to you. It has several aspects that would have you reassured in no time. You can use just about any smart mobile device to access this manager as well as any browser or operating system you prefer.

3. Dashlane
The score for this password manager is 9.3. It is extremely user friendly, very secure, and available on just about every platform you want to use for it.
All of this, along with several other features, is what makes Dashlane one of the best password managers of 2018.

4. SplashID:
This password manager is also one of the best password managers of 2018 with a score of 7.8 on It is easily one of the most famous options available in the password managing business. It was initially only intended as a way to store personal information.
However, Splash ID now boasts several features that one looks for in a password manager. This includes supporting all the major browsers, operating systems, and smart devices like phone and tablets.

5. Keeper
Keeper has an excellent score of 9.4 on the site This is the highest score in this whole list, so we can be sure it’s among the best password managers of 2018. This platform has an ultra-secure vault that stores passwords as well as valuable documents and data. You can even store your credit card details here without worrying.
Plus, users of Chrome, Firefox, and all major browsers can easily access Keeper. You can also access it whether you have an Android phone, iPhone, Mac, or PC.

Here you have a list of the most reputable password managers you can ever find online today. These can greatly help you in managing your passwords safely. Since this is very precious and sensitive data, take your time and consider your decision wisely.



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