Top 4 Baseball Bats for Baseball Lovers

Top 4 Baseball Bats for Baseball Lovers

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Baseball, being one of the most popular sports in America, has a huge commercial market. There are thousands of baseballs kit manufactures offering a wide range and quality of products. This makes it daunting for a novice to pick the right kind of stuff especially when it comes to batting.

However, some factors must be considered before making the best choice:
• The length of the bat according to the height of the player
• The weight of the bat according to the age bracket
• The drop of the bat, i.e., the difference between the length and weight of the bat

Each player has their own requirement and having plenty of options at a sports goods’ stores, or online stores could be quite confusing as to which bat would be suitable for oneself.

To make this choice less complicated, here are some best baseball bats with buying guide for you:

Suitable for novice
For beginners planning to learn on responding well to fastballs with fast speed swings, Easton (S500) Youth Baseball Bat should be their first choice. This light weighted yet extra strong bat is made from aircraft-grade aluminum designed to present its users with speed and power. Using this bat would definitely give you the feel of an early expert.

Newbies looking for a good grip with a nice swing speed should choose Easton MAKO COMPOSITE (Youth) as this bat provides the best comfort to players due to its cushioned hyper skin grip. It gives an unmatched swing speed and hence, being a novice won’t matter as this bat would make you feel like a swing speed master.

Planning to buy a durable baseball bat with less burden on your pocket, then here is Louisville Slugger (YBCT 152) Youth 2015 specially designed for young players with high-performance composite technology providing good balance and a tapered grip for maximum control making it easy to hit the sweet spot. Therefore, if you think it’s hard for a beginner to control a baseball bat, you wouldn’t think the same after using this bat.

For those who wish to hit the perfect sweet spot, here you have the Louisville Slugger YBAR152 Youth 2015 Armor (-12) that has a large barrel making it almost impossible to miss the ball. This bat is mostly famous because of its state of the art models and solid construction. This bat could be a good choice for beginners planning to hit the perfect sweet spot from their first game.

Suitable for experts
Being a baseball pro, if you wish to have better control on your bat, Easton MAKO TORQ (Youth) could be a good choice as it has a patented 360A Torq ATM handle that keeps your grip firm and makes it easy to swing and control.

If the vibration after hitting the ball annoys you, Marucci Cat 6 (BBCOR) is the best option as it has an anti-vibration knob that gives maximum performance added with a bigger sweet spot as the bat comes with an extended barrel profile.

Looking for a strong bat with high durability, Combat Youth (2016) Maxum Senior League (-10) has been built using the combat’s Precision Molding Technology that strengthens the bat by joining the inner and outer walls of the barrel leading towards improved durability. This model has a 20-40% larger barrel than the other bats in the same league giving it additional hitting surface.

Baseball experts looking for a perfect bat must consider Easton MAKO-XL COMPOSITE (Youth) which is particularly designed for baseball experts constructed using the Thermo Composite Technology giving it outstanding bat speed and exceptional sweet spot.

These are some best options available to choose from according to your relevance. However, there are many other related articles available online that could help you make the right choice.



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