Which are the Best SEO Tools To Analyze Backlinks

Which are the Best SEO Tools To Analyze Backlinks

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The era of building bulk backlinks has gone. In simple terms, the link building strategy has totally changed to link acquisition. The increase in online business promotion has blessed many online firms to generate traffic along with huge sales. However, when it comes to generating leads and promoting the business online, backlinks are highly considered factors. Whatever link you build for your client, it’s important to track the trust flow, its spam rate, etc. to rank at the top of Google searches. Generally, an internet marketing agency use paid tools to track every link made by the professional team.

For the professional and experienced team, it’s easy to track every backlink, but for a newbie, it’s hard to track the backlinks acquired for top Google rankings. So, here is a healthy list of tools you should use to analyze your backlinks.

Ahrefs is a great tool which bestows enormous power to track your backlinks. This is quite a powerful tool that helps you even track your competitor and analyze their link building strategy. This tool offers you the top ranking keyword from your competitor as well as your existing pages that are ranking well in search results. The tool is available for free with limited time.

Open Site Explorer:
You have already used the free version of this tool where it delivers you the first five backlinks with their DA, PA and Spam score. But the entire links can be collected with this tool. In the paid version, you will get the entire details of every backlink you have created for your client. The paid tool offers you unlimited reporting with complete backlink tracking data.

Majestic SEO:
This is a commonly used tool by renowned digital marketing companies. The tool is enriched with enormous opportunities to track your acquired links along with detailed competitor analysis. You can use this tool to all the backlinks pointing to your website and check whether they are quality based backlinks of only adding to your spam count.

Backlink Watch:
A Simple but beneficial website, backlink watch is an important website for those who are only in search of backlinks. This is a free tool that only derived entire backlink list of your website. Here no separate login is required. Your entire data will be derived just by inserting the domain name.

Google Search Console:
Google Search Console is mandatory to almost every newly built a website. Once configured correctly in Search Console, the tool will easily track the linking domains. You can even use the tool to track multiple traits of your website like robots.txt, sitemap, URL parameter, Rich Snippet, etc. The best part of Google Web Search Console is that it is available for free.

The entire tools list will be helpful for you to check whether you are working with the right website selection for link generation or need to amend the existing strategy. Instead of proceeding with the false link building strategy, you should search best authority website and build quality links.



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