Common Myths About Dentists

Common Myths About Dentists

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For some people, going to the dentist is probably one of the most frustrating tasks on their agenda. This is owing to the prevalent misconceptions that people have regarding dentists. I shall be addressing some of these.

Dentists Will Judge You
Most of the clients visit the dentist with the belief that he/she will judge you for not keeping your teeth in perfect condition and neglecting oral hygiene. That is not true, dentists are there to guide you, and they tend to handle each client with care and compassion.

They Are Greedy
While this does hold true for some dentists, it’s not to be stereotyped about dentists in general. Most of them are very acceptive of your insurance plans. Moreover, dental equipment; X-ray machines, the chair you sit on, the laser units, etc. all cost a ton of money, so they are supposed to charge accordingly.

They Can’t Tell If You’ve Been Brushing or Not
Most commonly dentists hear the excuses, “I just had lunch” or “I forgot to brush today.” Whereas the dentist is aware of your brushing habits just by examining your teeth, so you don’t have to make up excuses.

They Aren’t Medically Trained
This is probably the most common misconception prevalent in the society; dentists are not trained to handle medical situations that don’t involve teeth and gums. This is not true because much like their fellow medical colleagues, they too take different medical courses throughout their dental school curriculum.

They Avoid Sweets
Just because you’re a dentist doesn’t automatically imply that you consider sugar as the food of the devil. In fact, most dentists tend to have a sweet-tooth.

They Have One Favorite Brand
None of the dentists tend to have one preferred brand that they are biased towards. They merely provide patients with advice regarding the specific ingredients that suit their needs.

They Control the Patient
Most people go to the dentists scared because they believe that once the dentist has got you in the chair, you have no power to make any decisions and must get treated with whatever procedure the dentist recommends. That is not true at all; the routine checkup is mandatory and painless, but apart from that the dentist always makes sure you are comfortable before going through with any further treatment.

They Don’t Want to See You If You Have Good Teeth
This is also not true at all; they expect you to show up regularly regardless of your teeth being in good condition. Preventive care is imperative in dentistry.

They Want to Cause You Pain
Clients tend to believe that dentists go out of their way to hurt them because they don’t care for the patient’s comfort. Dentists always prefer pain-free treatment for the clients, and due to technological advancements, this has been made possible.

Now that I’ve managed to address, hopefully, all your misconceptions, please make an appointment today at Kopp Dental and Associates if you’re looking for a dentist near 60126.



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