Challenges Faced by the Cybersecurity Industry

Challenges Faced by the Cybersecurity Industry

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Businesses today are dedicating a remarkable amount of their revenues to hiring security professionals to maintain their customer privacy as well as avoid the ransomware attacks. This is because the cybercriminals are creating more and more cybersecurity jobs.
The protection efforts cost $86.4 billion to the businesses last year, so you might be wondering what the cybercriminals have in store this year? For that matter, we have brought you some of the cybersecurity challenges that are coming in 2018.

1. The Evolution of Ransomware
Ransomware has been proving to be poisonous for cybersecurity. This is because what can be worse than a malicious software that has been designed to latch to businesses as well as customers and can only be removed if the demands of the cybercriminal are met. And these demands are usually in hundreds of thousands (or in some cases millions) of dollars.

The ransomware attacks have become one of the fastest growing cybercrime and have risen 36 percent this year. The malicious applications have increased by 77percent since 2013, and the number is only increasing day by day.

Therefore, dealing with the ransomware attacks can be regarded as the biggest challenge for the cybersecurity, IT, data professionals as well as executives this year. In other words, to keep your cybersecurity upgraded and your business running, you might need to get in touch with Cyber Essentials.

2. Threats due to IoT
The internet of things has made every of our appliance and device connected which on the one hand may sound outstandingly appealing but comes with its drawbacks and threats nonetheless. Where all the connections provide massive benefits, the interconnectivity also makes consumers susceptible to cyber attacks. As research has indicated that almost 70 percent of our IoT devices have security vulnerabilities.

Particularly the web interfaces as well as the data transfers that are insecure as well as the insufficient authentication methods along with the facts that the consumers lack security knowledge, collectively make them susceptible to attacks.

In short, accessing one device means obtaining all of them due to the connectivity which has compounded the risk as well besides the convenience. And, this is a challenge for the security professionals, and they need to be prepared to face it by integrating user verification, password requirements, two-factor authentication, and other such sophisticated security protocols.

3. The Vulnerability Due to Serverless Apps
The serverless apps can be regarded as the invitees of cyber attacks. These apps can particularly put the customer information at risk when they try to access the application off-server/locally on their device. This is because on-server the data is stored in clouds rather than the device and you have control over the security.

While in serverless applications, security precautions become the responsibility of the users. So, if you decide to use such app special precautions should be taken both for the business and the consumers to face this challenge.

These are some of the cybersecurity challenges that seem to be trending this year which need to be dealt with immediately.



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