What Is The Right CBD Dosage For Your Pet Dog?

What Is The Right CBD Dosage For Your Pet Dog?

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Taking care of your pets is somewhat more complicated as compared to the human beings. Where human being can easily express the feeling and health issues, it’s hard to encounter the same in pets. Dog, being one of the most common pet faces some common health hazardous like anxiety, arthritis, memory cancer and many other similar issues. And for all such issues, Cannabidiol is considered to be highly effective.

Research has proved the benefits of using CBD medication for your pets, but what is the right amount that you should give to them?

Your dogs can never let you know verbally about the side effects and hence you can only understand it from their common behavior. Here are some basic tips that you should consider in terms of CBD dosage for your pet dog.

Before learning about the right amount of consumption, it’s important for you to understand that there are different forms of consuming CBD and each of them has different dosage along with different execution time. Basically, there are three ways that you can opt for:
• Capsules
• CBD Oil
• Treats

There are CBD Canada stores from where you can easily buy the best form of CBD oil and start giving your dogs as per the right dosage prescription.


Factors on which Dosage Depends:
Now, most of you would be wondering about the factors that play a major role in deciding the right dosage for your pet dog. Most of the factors are totally derived from the physical status of your dog. Major factors include:
• Age of your dog
• Weight
• Dog Breed
• Diet

These are some of the common factors, aside from this there are many other factors that you can only understand with the support of your veterinary doctor.

Now coming to the right dosage for your pet, you should have a brief layout about different forms of CBD.
In case you are offering CBD oil to your pet dog, you should know that it is available in a 10ml bottle that is delivered in form of drops. It’s easy to put 2-3 drops of CBD oil beneath your dog’s tongue as it can easily dissolve in the mouth. But the dosage may increase depending upon the weight and other medical status.

Coming to CBD capsules, they need to be given wisely as dogs hate medicines. Here also, it’s good if you are offering the capsules twice in a day but that might increase depending on the circumstances. It’s somewhat easy to give capsule as you can crush it in particles and mix it in dog’s routine food.

The CBD treats is the most favored format that you can easily buy and give to your dogs. There are different treats like biscuits that contain CBD in the right proportion and are easy to eat. Here too, you need to take care of the right dosage as an overdose may harm your dog. The basic dosage of CBD treat includes 1 biscuit after every 12 hours i.e. 2 biscuits in one day with a gap of 12 hours.



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