Common Myths about Detox Debunked

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Most of you have heard about the addiction and different therapies, rehab centers that handle the addicts. Similar to this, the detox is also one of the terminologies that are not commonly known to everyone. In simple terms, the detoxification is the process of quitting drugs, alcohol and nurtures your body with positive views, vitamins, and minerals. The detox can be taken as the initial stage of addiction treatment, and hence most of the people avoid this process due to shyness or any other reason.

Today there are individuals as well as couples who undergo rehab treatment to get rid of their addiction. There are several rehab centers for the individuals. Even there are couples drug rehab centers which are specially made to attend the addicted couples.

Now, numerous people don’t take the detox process seriously because of some myths. They don’t consider the potential of detoxification process in withdrawing symptoms of addiction. So, here are some common myths about detox along with their reality.

Detox is a Painful Process: Once an individual or couple gets addicted to drugs or other toxic substance, it’s hard to skip the drugs. And because of that people think that the detox process is highly painful. During the detox process, the patients are treated with medications that help them quit their addiction without any pain or harm.

Only Heroin Addicts Undergo Detox Process:

This is a common myth that only heroin addict undergo detox process. But if you have understood the definition of detoxification, it’s for any sort of addict, be it drugs or alcohol.  The motto of detox process is to minimize your hunger for drugs and move your attention towards other healthy stuff that can help your body and mind grow.

Detox is a One Time Process:

Undoubtedly, the detox process is executed once for every addict, but that doesn’t mean it is a onetime process. For patients who undergo rehab treatment for years or the patients who feel relapse might require detox process more than once. The motto of detoxification is to transform your hunger for drugs towards healthy nutrients and minerals.

With Detox, You Don’t Need Further Treatment:

As earlier said, the detox is only the initial stage of going to a rehab center. This doesn’t mean that your treatment is over once your detox process is over. Instead, you need to continue the rehab programs and undergo therapies that can withdraw the symptoms completely. Along with that, many counseling programs are designed to make your future better. It’s important to take entire rehab therapies and programs to get rid of your problem completely and build a fresh start in your life.

So, if you encounter any addict in your known, make him understand the concept of detox and recommend this process that can help them quit their addiction. In case of couples, you need to think wisely and go to a rehab center with your partner. It’s better to reach a couple of rehab center instead of feeling guilty and dejected.



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