Facts about Heroin Drug: Use and Abuse

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Heroin is the illegal drug that is sold throughout the world. It is like a conduit of darkness that entices the youth and spoiling the life of their and their families as well. Heroin is the illegal drug which is processed from the morphine, a naturally occurring substance extracted from the seed pod of certain plant known as a poppy plant. The heroine is available as the white or brownish powder. People also consume it as the black tar heroin.

It is cut with other drugs or other substances like sugar, starch powdered milk etc. smack also known as Malta heroin is sold in small packets. Not more than the size of a nail of the finger is provided to the consumers. People don’t know the power of this drug, and sometimes its overdose can have the risk of death. There are many heroin drug rehab for those who want to cease this drug from their system.

People use heroin in many ways; it is usually injected, sniffed or smoked. People consume it four to five times in a day. Euphoria for which people consume this drug, it provides most rapid onset when it is taken intravenous, and if it is taken intramuscular, then it provides slow onset of euphoria.

Heroin, when sniffed or smoked, does not produce a rush. All the three forms of heroin are addictive, and the results of taking it are clouded mental functioning, vomiting, nausea, and suppression of pain. Injected heroin enters the bloodstream and converts into morphine in the brain. It is addictive as it enters the brain very rapidly. People when consuming it for a long time they also have the risk of having the deadly disease like HIV hepatitis B and C and many more.

If the use of heroin is stopped abruptly, then the symptoms of withdrawal occur. If the withdrawal symptom goes long, then craving and relapse can occur weekly. The relation of euphoria with the heroin drug is like the relation of infantile with mother. The addict has the different perspective for the intimacy as they have a fear of illusory intimacy.

Teens that are more attracted towards this drug have the unhealthy relationship with the family members especially parents as this drug has the power to unleash aggression towards them. Consumption of this drug prevents male addicts from developing a lasting and intimate relationship with the women.

The drug users whether they are heavy drug user of controlled drug users are bound together with the small isolated groups. They have their own rituals and social sanctions. It is seen that Films, music, media from the past few decades put the spotlight on the use of heroin drug and added it to the glamour.

Rehabs are doing their best to uplift the addicts towards the bright side of the life. Determination and family support is very important if one wants to come back to your normal life. Heroin drug is a silent killer that spoils one’s life.



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