Learn About Treatment Methods Used In Couples Rehab

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Couple rehabilitation center has different treatments offers to the couples who are addicted to drugs. In general, it’s all about the behavioural therapies that work well and hence most of the couples rehabilitation center use the treatment based on behavioural therapies that generate positive energy in couples and promote them to quit the addiction.

For a couple, their personal relationship matters a lot, and hence it’s highly important to attend rehab programs. The therapies conducted in the rehabilitation center helps the couple to omit their addiction and start a new and rejoicing life. So, here we are talking about the commonly used treatments, used in couple rehab center.

Behavioural Couple Therapy:

As the name mentioned, in this therapy, the couple is set up to achieve small milestones on a regular period during their rehab tenure. In this treatment, the therapist will build a goal for you where you will make the intention to quit drugs and even support your partner in doing the same. In the BCT therapy, the couple is treated one or two times in a week. And during the therapist tour to the rehab, multiple couples are met at once.

Alcohol Behavioral Couple Therapy:

This therapy is offered to the addicts of alcohol. The ABCT is somewhat similar to the BCT therapy except for some psychotherapeutic models that are used to avoid the hunger of alcohol and increase the demand for other healthy stuff. Here the therapist connects with the patient and finds out a better problem-solving conclusion that divers your mind from alcohol addiction and invest it in other fruitful activities.

Medication-based Treatment:

There are some extreme cases of addiction where couples are not bothered about the outcome. In such scenario, the treatment is based on medication prescribed by the assisting doctor. Numerous medicines/drugs are used to withdraw addiction symptoms from the body and end the detox period. Along with the medication, proper counseling is also conducted for the patients for a quick recovery.

12 Step Meetings:

There are some couples who prefer attending some special rehab programs even after treatment. The 12 step meetings include support for couples who want to strengthen their recovery and remain committed after undergoing rehab. The main aim of 12-step meetings is to deliver a sober life to the couples and focus more on building a healthy lifestyle after moving out of the rehab center. They pay importance to the importance of your partner in your life and hence recommend to stay together, supporting each other.

All in all, it’s your responsibility to reach a rehab center once you feel guilty of addiction. You need to take a step forward and get rid of your addiction to start a new life. During your addiction, you will not bother about the damage to your personal and social life, but once treated, you will require time to start your entire life from scratch. So, take the support of your partner and put an end to your addiction.



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