Taxation and Cryptocurrency: How They Are Related

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According to the taxation authority, cryptocurrency can be used to launder money and to evade taxes, and this is the biggest reason why cryptocurrencies have been in the news. Some of the countries have banned Bitcoin trading operators while other countries like USA and Canada have laws instead of restricting stock trade in cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency uses the encrypted code that effects the transaction, and the computers in the user community recognize these codes. By this buyer and seller’s account can be easily debited.

About Crypto Currency
Nowadays bitcoins are used on mobile and by which one can easily enact purchases, and for this, all you need to do is let the receiver scan the QR code from the app. By the central government or tax authorities, there is no control over the transaction of cryptocurrency so; the individual cannot be tagged while doing a transaction of cryptocurrency. One can’t even know whether the transactor has obtained the store value legally or not. Like this, the transaction’s store is in suspect as no one can tell what consideration is given for the currency received.

What Indian Law Say
India has also allowed trading of bitcoins with the proper built-in safeguards but in the special exchanges only. The goods, when received in India, would be governed by the foreign exchange management act 1999 as an import of the good in India. Under the sale of goods act virtual currencies, or the cryptocurrencies are considered to be seen as the piece of software and hence it is considered a better option. Online platforms have eased the process of taxation by a long way.

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