Common Reasons Why Advertising Platform Reject Your Ads Request

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Do you have a huge audience on your website that can make you earn money? Well, most of you are already aware of the advertising platforms that showcase ads on your website and enable you to earn through CPC or CPM ads. Whatever ad metrics you consider, your audience will always make you earn money through your content.

But in many cases, the webmaster faces rejection from the cryptocurrency advertising agency. There are numerous issues that your website might be facing, causing your rejection of the ads. But what are the major reasons that result in your rejection of monetizing your content? Here are some common issues that you might have done with your website.

No Quality Content:
Today, you will find a plethora of information over the internet. But that doesn’t mean no new content can be generated. Instead, if your content is generated with a new concept or new prospect of the niche, it will be loved by your audience. In most of the cases, your monetization application is rejected due to content that doesn’t meet their quality standards. You need first to create the bunch of fresh and unique content that can be promoted over the internet and is loved by your readers.

Inappropriate Navigation:
Every website under monetization approval list is reviewed manually and checked against the valid standards. There are some websites that are hard to navigate and are rejected for the same reason. There are numerous reasons for having bad navigation. Your website might eighter has multiple broken links, page not found issues or dynamic content generation. In either case, your monetization request will be rejected by the advertising agency.

Fake Traffic:
As you, all know that today; it’s easy to get traffic to your website, then whether it might be genuine or fake. In case of fake traffic i.e. traffic earned by bots are never promoted by the advertisers, and hence your application will be rejected at the initial stage. If you have fake traffic on your website, you should promote your content among the readers and get genuine traffic. Also, you should block fake traffic source to keep your genuine traffic sources.

Wrong Language:
Most of you don’t know that your writing format also plays a big role in creating content viral or stale. In case your way of writing is inappropriate, and your content doesn’t make a sense with the topic, your monetization request will be rejected straightaway.

Duplicate Content:
This is the most common issues that people face over the internet. Advertising agency never recommends copying from other’s website and promoting it onto your website. You should always avoid your duplicate content and re-write it with some new information that can make it unique and viral.

In simple, if you want to earn money by monetizing your content, you should take a detailed review of your website and omit the errors encountered. You should apply for advertising approval only after you are sure about zero-errors on your website with quality traffic.



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