Advertising in the US with Toll Free Numbers

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If you are getting ready to start out with a new marketing campaign, take a moment to consider obtaining a memorable toll free number. It’s an affordable and effective way to boost the success of your campaign.

It is so easy to make a toll free number work for you; you simply fit it into your new marketing campaign and use it to define your brand. Create a number that will tell your customers what to expect when they call, such as 1-800-FLOWERS and 1-800- CONTACT.  Your toll free number has a double use; it shares the key to communicating with your business and communicates the benefits your company provides.

Why You Should Use Toll Free Numbers For Advertising

It’s not just about communicating your brand; incorporating a toll free number has other advantages, including:

  • Get more inbound calls: Toll free numbers, particularly vanity numbers, are going to garner more inbound calls and more referrals. Why? Simply because they are much easier to remember than a random stream of digits. Not only does this mean that people are more likely to use them, but it also means that they are more likely to refer your company to their friends and family. Market research shows that vanity toll free numbers have a 75 percent higher recall rate than regular numbers. The same research also shows that 1-800 numbers have a 25 to 50 percent higher response rate.


  • Boost your credibility: Having a toll free number can boost your company’s credibility and ROI. This is because a custom number shows your regular and potential customers that you have taken measures to help them contact you easily without them having to incur charges for the call. You can also use toll free and vanity numbers to give the impression that your company is large and successful, even if you’re running your business from your home office. That increases your customer’s confidence in you, and customer confidence means you will retain customers and get more referrals.


  • Track your metrics: When you own a business, you already know how important it is to budget your advertising efficiently. By using toll free numbers within your advertising campaigns, you can make sure that you are making the most of your marketing resources. Use your toll free numbers with each different marketing campaign to track its success. For example, use one toll free number for your radio ads, a different one for your website, and another one for your email blasts. Once you start tracking the results, it becomes very easy to see which ones are achieving the most conversions, and which ones need to be optimized to gain better results. Having this data can save you money because it gives you up-to-date information on what works and what doesn’t. While your competitors are waiting to see which of their campaigns are going to bring in revenue, you’re already one step ahead.



  • Optimize your customer service: You can upgrade your provision of customer service if you use your toll free number correctly in your advertising. It will help you determine why each customer is connecting with your business before you even answer the phone because you will know exactly where the caller found your number. Because you have a clear idea of why the customer is calling, you will be ready to provide the best customer surface you can offer.


Toll Free Numbers as Vanity Numbers

When you are considering toll free numbers to improve your advertising in the US, it’s really worthwhile to be thinking about vanity numbers. Many of the most successful US companies define their brand with a toll free vanity number. Just about everyone is familiar with 1-800-FLOWERS, 1-800-PICKUP, and 1-800-CONTACTS. It’s easy to see why these numbers are so memorable and to understand how they add to the success of these companies.

Having a vanity number not only makes clients remember the number, but it also keeps them coming back. They may not need the number right now, but they will remember it when they do. And because it’s so easy for them to remember the number, they will refer it to other people.

Typically, a vanity number does not cost any more than a regular toll free number. Although certain numbers may be hard to find, or already taken by other companies, you can still be creative and come up with a catchy number.

Toll free and vanity numbers are a great marketing tool to boost your brand. They can help elevate your company to the top of your industry. Even if you are a small company or start-up, you can still use them to your advantage. Find out more about how to use toll free numbers as effective advertising tools by checking out Global Call Forwarding.



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