How to Keep Your Teeth Healthy for Lifetime?

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The lifestyles of people have become really hectic where people are busy working as employees for a company or running their businesses as entrepreneurs but what they have been losing is the craving for a healthy lifestyle. Serious medical conditions like cancer, cardio related disease has become really common, and the most important reasons for this is carelessness and negligence regarding one’s health.

Similarly, dental diseases have also become common mostly because of negligence by the patients that turns out to be very damaging later on because of small reasons like improper cleaning, ignoring the tooth pain, avoiding visits to the dentists and likewise. Here are some tips for healthier teeth


Tips for healthy teeth


1- Don’t ever brush your teeth
Sounds weird, right? Think about how worse it would look if you don’t brush your teeth every day. Brushing teeth twice a day would strengthen teeth and gums to fight back against bacteria.

2- Use appropriate toothpaste and mouthwash
Fluoridated toothpaste protects your gums from decaying and hardens the tooth enamel. Many types of mouthwash are fluoridated and help in killing bacteria and cavities.

3- Limited use of acidic drinks
Soft drinks or any other acidic drinks softens tooth and increases the chances of tooth decaying because of cavities. A better alternate for acidic drinks could be fresh fruit juices, milk and of course water.

4- Dental floss
This helps in cleaning up teeth from between and should be done on a weekly basis.

5- Avoid sugary foods
Sugar is poison for teeth because the bacteria within plaque turns sugar into acid that could easily cause damage to the gums and teeth.

6- Keep your teeth protected
During physical activity or active sports like boxing, baseball or football, a proper mouth guard or face helmet should be worn.

7- Don’t use teeth other than chewing
Opening bottles, cracking nuts or ripping open packaging is quite common for many people. What they’re unaware about is that it could break or chip their teeth permanently.

8- See your dentist regularly
Many people say that going to the dentist is a waste of time and money. It is actually opposite, i.e. not going to a dentist regularly would waste a lot of time and money later on when you would be having serious dental issues due to the earlier negligence.

9- Brush your tongue
Tongue plays a vital role in fighting bacteria therefore when brushing the teeth; one must clean the tongue as well.

10- Save the broken tooth
If a situation comes when your teeth are knocked out by accident or force, it is advised to place it back to its place, but if this is not possible, it should be wrapped in plastic or placed in milk to keep it strong and dental advice should be taken immediately.

This may seem like a day to day dental care article for kids, but in reality, this is a matter of healthy present and future because if we start ignoring these tips, we could face negative consequences in the future as worse as total teeth loss. Therefore, Loop Perio is the best periodontist in Chicago; they care about your dental health and advice you to keep your teeth healthy and advice this to others as well.



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