Tips to Sell a House with Water Damage

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Many in our community experience frequent flooding in their areas and stay in a tough situation. This flooding often continues for hours or minutes until the real damage is actually done. This rather leaves the residents unprepared for the upsetting, sudden damage to their property which may contribute to the sudden reduction in the value of the property. There are many tips one could follow when selling a house with water damage.

Tip to Sell a House with Water Damage:
A seller might find it quite challenging to sell a house with water damage, but it is possible to enhance the chances of it being sold by following a few tips as are given below:

1. Reduce The Damage Immediately:
Firstly, you must call your insurance company as soon as possible. It may be important to take pictures of all the damaged areas of the house.

All water-retaining items like fabrics, rugs, furniture, clothing, mattresses or curtains must be removed immediately and left to dry up outside. You may use a humidifier for your floor, wall and ceiling. It needs to keep running for long. This helps these areas to dry up faster. If a wall is dry, humidifiers may not sort this out, but all the wet parts need to be removed to prevent the spreading of the mold to the other areas of the wall.

2. Repair Areas with Water Damage:
Often the home buyers reject houses when they discover that the house is water-damaged and they end up not buying it. Therefore, it may not always be enough to make only the necessary repairs, but it is important to repair because the probable buyers would expect the worst from the house.

You might want to consider painting the whole place in white or beige before selling it because the use of neutral colours has the power to make your home look quite fresh and clean. This is important to lessen any fears regarding the past water damage.

3. Hire An Inspector:
As a seller, if you wish to sell your house sold out at great deals with good money, you might even want to hire an inspector to inspect it for a water-damaged house. This way you would be able to find out about the various problem areas in the house for water damage. Once you have been informed about these potential areas, the repair estimates cannot be debated over.

If you are informed of any necessary repairs, you could get the approximate cost of the repairs from a contractor and then you may provide them with a copy of the report by your home inspector.

Finally, it must be remembered that if you do not have home insurance and prefer selling your water damaged property as-is, then you need to act fast and sell is as soon as possible because this damage might continue to worsen as it remains.



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