Best Form of Addiction Treatment

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There are various addiction treatments, but there is no single ‘best’ treatment. Since the types and causes of drug abuse are different for different people, the treatment plans and programs are different as well. It depends on the person whether he prefers to get treated in an inpatient setting along with other patients or he would rather get treated privately by himself.

There is not only one addiction treatment center Florida but many which offer numerous addiction plans. Among different addiction treatment programs, the most effective would be the ones that provide a perfect mix of various therapies addressing medical, spiritual, psychological and biological needs of the patient. Some well-known drug addiction therapies are:

Cognitive behavioral therapy:
CBT addresses the unwanted behavior as well as the thought process; the negative thinking pattern which leads to drug abuse. The therapists discuss effective coping mechanisms that help the clients maintain sobriety for a long time.

• Contingency management:
It’s a commonly used CBT approach in which clients are given rewards or incentives for completing a task, e.g. staying sober till a specific amount of time, participating in beneficial group therapies etc.

• Relapse prevention:
This CBT therapy is also commonly used and focuses on identifying triggers that cause a relapse of drug abuse; feelings such as anger or environmental and even friend circle can act as triggers. The patients are advised to stay alert of these triggers and use the coping mechanisms discussed in the therapy to avoid any kind of relapse.

There are different addiction programs for different people; many of them offer both holistic and medical treatment along with other services so that patients can fully get rid of substance abuse.

• Outpatient treatment:
Outpatient treatment programs are for people who seek treatment while living in their own homes, caring for their families. Outpatient treatment is provided to patients who are suffering moderately from substance abuse as the high-risk patient can suffer from relapse due to environmental triggers.

• Inpatient treatment:
Patients who face chronic addiction stay at a rehab facility for 3 weeks to 6 months depending on their needs. They’re provided with counseling sessions, activities to gain life skills and proper medication.

• Individual counseling:
This treatment program focuses on addressing the underlying causes behind drug use and ways of stopping it. Healthy coping strategies are discussed to prevent relapse and maintain sobriety.

Other addiction treatment programs are: short term and long term residential programs, evidence based therapies including 1-on-1 sessions, group discussions and family counseling, Holistic or faith-based treatments in which the main focus is religious beliefs of addicts whereas naturalistic or realistic therapies include traditional treatment and medical detoxification in which the withdrawal process speeds up. These are all offered by most of the well-known addiction treatment facilities in Florida.



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