Advantages of Long Term Rehab

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New Jersey is the same as the rest of the sate when it comes to substance abuse cases and causalities. Usually at the age of 12 individuals start the use of illicit drugs and alcohol abuse when they should be engaging in healthy and playful activities which have a positive influence on their growth. Our youth, which should be getting the right education and training to become our future; a bright one at that, falls prisoner to the drug adversity.

Long-Term Rehab New Jersey:
Since the effects of drugs run deep in New Jersey, the treatment should be in-depth and detailed as well. That’s where long term drug rehab New Jersey comes in; long term treatment refers to 90 days or above rehabilitation treatment program which focuses on treating the root cause instead of treating addiction only. It involves drug detoxification as the first step in which the drugs from the body are medically removed.

Afterwards counseling sessions, group therapy, family sessions, physical exercises, nutritional services and aftercare services are provided. It’s an in-depth treatment in which the patient’s psyche and behavioral patterns are explored in order to identify layered root causes behind drug dependence. There are numerous rehab facilities offering residential programs in New Jersey since the success rate is higher than short term therapy.

Advantages of Long term addiction treatment:

• Less chances of relapse:
Since the addict will be disconnecting from his drug dependent lifestyle, there will be less environmental triggers which might cause a relapse. The patient will have a safe space eliminating all the factors which could act as triggers.

• Opportunity to resolve root causes:
The patient will have enough time to explore all the underlying psychological issues which led to drug abusing behavior. Once those issues are resolved, the chances of long term sobriety will highly increase.

• Developing efficient coping strategies:
The individual will have enough time to develop solid coping skills based on the underlying issues. In short term therapy there isn’t enough time to go in-depth therefore the coping skills are for surface issues as well.

• Restoring optimal physical state:
Drugs ruin the physical well-being and body chemistry of the addict. Long term rehab New Jersey provides necessary time for the body to adjust to the new circumstances and improve its functioning.

Almost all long term rehabilitation treatment facilities offer numerous programs, therapies and services in order to get lives back on track. Other programs include Outpatient treatment; in which the individuals receive treatment while continuing their routine lives, 1-on-1 sessions and partial hospitalization programs. The addicts can choose the programs according to their unique requirements although the chances of long term recovery are highest in long term rehabilitation treatment.



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