Is Drug Rehab for Couples As Effective As They Say?

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The success rate of drug rehab for couples has increased since the past decade and it’s now known as an effective approach to addiction treatment. In the early 70s, couples who abused drugs in such a way that it became their norm weren’t considered as couples but philanderers.

Because in such couples, the partners don’t quite have an emotional connection, all they have is a sexual and abusive relationship. Back then the treatment approach was to send them to gender specific addiction treatment centers after which the relationships usually ended because the sole ground of the partnership crumbled.

Now the approach to treatment of substance abusing couples is to use the little connection they have with each other, as a powerful tool of motivation. It depends on the couple if they want to work on the relationship or decide to separate. When both the partners agree to work on it together, their willingness to receive treatment will keep them motivated throughout the treatment process and they will get a chance to find a new meaning and a new ground to build their relationship on.

Drug rehab for couples is effective in:

• Reducing relationship problems:
Frequent arguments and disagreements in substance abusing couples are common but these arguments can turn into fights which can lead to physical and emotional abuse. When the level of respect demanded by the partners starts to subside, the relationship starts to wither as well. Drug rehab for couples includes therapies and activities which address emotional and behavioral issues to increase understanding between the individuals and build up their relationship.

• Using their affection as a tool:
In many couples, one partner forces the other to join the addiction treatment. Even if one of them is resistant to receive treatment, when the other complies with the treatment, willingness to get treated automatically develops in the resistant one. There are ways in which the therapists use the affection the partners have for each other to develop motivation. Viewing their progress keeps them motivated throughout the journey.

• Teaching good parenting skills:
The drug abusing couples usually leave their responsibilities as parents unfulfilled. Their children’s need for attention often stays unfulfilled and they can either pick up bad habits and act out or develop an overly strong sense of responsibility and hate towards addicts; specifically their parents. Drug rehab for couples educates the parents on ways to fulfilling their children’s needs the responsibilities as guardians.

Rehab treatment for couples has proved to be successful in killing two birds with one stone; treating both relationship dysfunction and drug addiction. Since the intimate partners have a huge impact on each other’s lives, they have a huge impact on each other’s recoveries as well.



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