The Increasing Need of Drug Detox Centers

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Drug detox centers provide drug detoxification treatment in which all the drugs are removed from the body and after a while, the body becomes acquainted with the new circumstances; loss of drugs. Almost every addiction treatment center Sacramento provides drug detox programs but they do not specialize in detox treatment which means they don’t provide detailed detoxification. In detox centers, the patients are carefully monitored, assessed and their physical as well as mental conditions are analyzed.

Rapid ultra-detox:
The patients can choose either to adopt a rapid detoxification program or a normal drug detox program. In rapid ultra-detox, the patients are first subjected to anesthesia. When they’re fully sedated, a drug antagonist which blocks the drug’s effects is injected in the body to initiate the withdrawal process. When the withdrawal is artificially initiated and the effects are at their worst, medicines are administered to minimize the withdrawal symptoms.

Since the withdrawal symptoms can get very dangerous, patient’s heart activity and other functioning is constantly monitored and managed. This process not only initiates the withdrawal process but also speeds it up which lessens the chance of relapse. This detox program is ideal for people who fear the pain of withdrawal effects. Addicts can now minimize the pain and other dangerous effects of withdrawal and get it over with in a day.

The reason why we need drug detox centers is because going through detox on your own, at home or a private residence is very dangerous and could result in a fatality. Since the worst symptoms include hallucinations, heart attack, seizures and strokes it’s best to let the specialists handle and guide you through this treatment process.

Advantages of drug detox:

• Mental functioning at its best:
Once the drugs leave the system and the body comes back to normal, the brain’s functioning gets better as well and the lost connection between reality and the patient is restored. Drugs also disrupt the thought process and sense of judgment of the individual, which can be corrected by therapy.

• Improved physical condition:
Drugs have quite an effect on the physical well-being of the individual. Weakness, pale skin, constricted pupils, dark circles and darkened lips are all the symptoms of drug abuse which disappear after the required treatment and the body’s functioning goes back to normal.

• Healthier relationships:
With drugs out of the picture, the individual starts to develop sincere and meaningful relationships and fulfills his social needs.

Although each addiction treatment center Sacramento provides numerous facilities including detox, they don’t provide the quality of treatment offered by specialized drug detox centers. Therefore with the increase in rate of drug addiction in Sacramento, the need for drug detox treatment centers increases as well.



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