The Top 4 Drug Rehabs for Inpatients in New Jersey

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New Jersey along with the entire United State has proved to be extremely vulnerable to negative impacts of substance abuse from the start and the effects have only been worsening.

It’s agonizing to know that the rate of teens abusing alcohol and marijuana has increased in the recent years; the number of overdose deaths in the state immensely increased from nearly 40,000 in 2010 to more than 72,000 fatalities in 2017.

The state’s infinite efforts to control this drug epidemic help people all around the globe to wipe out drugs from their lives and look forward to living a healthier, happier life. There are more than 1000 drug rehabilitation facilities in New Jersey providing utmost care, support and high quality treatment to all their patients.

There are many facilities which provide short term as well as long term residential programs. The point of going to an inpatient drug rehab New Jersey is to liberate from a drug affected life and start the journey towards sobriety.

Top Inpatient drug rehabs:

1. Ambrosia Treatment center:
Ambrosia offers residential programs starting from 30 days including exercise, nutrition, fun activities and events. It provides detox service for 3 to 10 days in which the patient is carefully monitored throughout the process, counseling, trauma therapies, outpatient program starting from 3 months and family support services.

2. Maryville Addiction Treatment Center:
This facility provides a number of services; inpatient residential program including holistic treatment with medical treatment and 12 step program, medically monitored detoxification services, intensive and extensive outpatient program as well as Relapse prevention services.

3. Alina Lodge:
This inpatient rehab center requires most of its patients to opt for a 6-month residential program to treat the root cause of addiction. It focuses on treating the underlying issues that go unnoticed and unanalyzed. Its services include medical detox, counseling and therapy for almost all distressing issues like trauma, grief and anger as well as other addictions.

4. Turning point:
Turning point provides short term residential program from 1 to 45 days which includes medical treatment as well as counseling sessions and psyche evaluation. It also offers medical detox and outpatient programs. It has a number of branches which means the patients don’t have to move too far from home, providing them reassurance.

Almost every inpatient drug rehab center provides its patients with high quality treatment to get them back on track, catering to all their physical, emotional, spiritual needs and offering quality care and support. That means that whatever choice you make while choosing the best suited inpatient rehab center according to your needs; it will not be a bad one.



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