Types of Drug Rehabilitation Centers

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Deciding to seek addiction treatment can be a challenge but what comes after proves to be a bigger hassle. Which program of what organization should you choose? Answering this question can sometimes become a greater challenge. In order to make help and treatment available to everyone, there are now infinite options to choose from.

For example, every drug rehabilitation center Sacramento CA has different specializations because of which its treatment plan will differ from the other rehab facilities. To choose which one will be best suited for you, you must keep your requirements and expectations in mind.

Firstly, you must look for the treatment facilities offering programs for your or your loved one’s addiction. After that, you decide whether you want an in-depth treatment for severe addiction or a treatment focusing on only the addiction and not the cause (in case of a mild addiction).

Then comes the duration of the treatment, addiction treatment programs start from 30 days and can go on for as long as you need. You also have to know whether you have any mental disorders along with the addiction, for which you’ll have to choose a program with dual diagnosis treatment.

Types of drug rehab centers:

• Outpatient treatment:
This treatment is recommended for addicts who don’t have a severe addiction, and the effects of the drugs can be easily controlled. Patients are encouraged to receive treatment every day while living in their own homes, in their social surroundings, carrying out their responsibilities.

• Inpatient treatment:
This treatment is for individuals for whom the effects of the drugs have become semi-permanent and will not be treated easily in a short period. That’s why addicts are instructed to live inside the facility and receive treatment, leaving their infected drug lives behind. When they fully recover, they’re reintroduced to the society.

• Behavioral therapy:
Therapists use behavioral and cognitive therapies to identify the flawed thought process along with behavioral patterns which cause addiction. They then work to reduce them with the clients and introduce healthy coping strategies for the patients to apply while facing cravings and environmental triggers. These therapies help the patients explore and understand their own psyche if they don’t already.

• Dual diagnosis:
This treatment is intended for addicts who have underlying mental disorders like depression. That underlying sickness is the probable cause of addiction and once it’s treated the chances of long-term sobriety increase.

Each drug rehab center Sacramento CA provides some resources for the drug addicts in order to promote awareness of the negative influence of drugs and the efforts of the state to bring the city back to normal. All the rehab centers offer growth-oriented treatment programs so that the addicts learn crucial life skills along with successful recovery.



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