What is Meant by Couples Rehab?

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Ever think about a peculiar duo of love and medicine? Love is known to be a medicine itself, pair it up with treatment and the success rate of the treatment will surely increase. That’s the idea of couples rehab; when your partner joins in on the drug addiction treatment, the chances of it being successful will increase.

Since the partners have a big impact on each other, if one of them starts using, the chances of the other starting on drugs increase because living with a drug addict becomes almost impossible. The significant other can either start using to save the relationship or force the addict into treatment which could end the relationship.

Similarly, if one of them adopts a rehab treatment, the other one might join in as well. When the couple seeks help together, their motivation to recover together builds up. While they support each other during treatment, their relationship strengthens as well.

Separate couple rehab treatment:
In couples rehab, there are two options provided to the couple; they can either receive the treatment together in the same facility or can adopt individual treatment plans while staying in different facilities. Separate treatments can be a great option for couples who value their personal space, who believe they can do better if they’re placed separately without being a burden or distraction to each other, only viewing each other’s progress.

If one starts to break down the other might lose hope as well. This treatment is also recommended for domestic violence cases in which the couples have a destructive relationship.

Steps of couples rehab treatment:

• Inpatient treatment:
In the first step, couples are to adopt a residential treatment program in which they stay in the facility for 30 days or above according to their needs and undergo detoxification treatment for a week. They are then encouraged to participate in productive activities, exercises and therapy programs to get a step closer to a sober life.

• Partial hospitalization:
The couples are given some space and freedom; they reside in a different facility and come to the clinic every day for treatment. This treatment is focused on slowly taking the patients towards independence.

• Outpatient treatment:
The couple is advised to get outpatient treatment for 3-4 days per week. Other than that they’re free to live on their own, in their own homes, get back to their social lives and live a happy, sober life.

When a couple receives treatment together, instead of fretting on their own individual issues and cravings, they focus on supporting the recovery of their partners which in time makes their bond stronger and pure from the effects of drugs. Some relationships are fully dependent on drugs; Couples rehab provides an opportunity for them to create a real connection.



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