What is Meant by Drug Rehab?

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The United States has been clenched in the claws of the ever-worsening drug epidemic. The number of deaths caused by Opioid overdose rose to about 24% in New Jersey. Young adults start on drugs when things get tough in their lives, they engage in some drug-related crimes, and many face a forsaken demise.

To stop the negative impact of the drugs, the State enacts harm reduction laws against drugs or provides more drug treatment services. Drug rehabilitation or drug addiction rehab is the process of therapeutic addiction treatment in which the addicts are guided to take the necessary steps to overcome addiction.

Patients are provided with the suitable environment to fight and eradicate drugs from their lives once and for all, although it can be excruciatingly painful. Still, many people go all the way down the painful road to recovery and restart their lives the right way.

The basic programs offered by drug rehabs centers New Jersey are:

• Inpatient programs:
The patients choose whether they would like to stay in the facility for a short while or select a long-term residential program according to their needs and recovery progress. Inpatient treatment programs are said to be more effective since the environmental triggers which may cause a relapse are exterminated.

• Outpatient programs:
These programs are for patients who have a job and family to support and care for. They can continue their everyday lives except visiting the treatment facility often to get treated. The addicts are at a greater risk of relapse, but they have the comfort of staying with family.

• Partial hospitalization programs:
The patients can stay in the facility for therapy and then return to their homes after treatment. Such programs are usually customized according to the addict’s requirements so that they can receive quality treatment as well as a return to their social environment while maintaining specific treatment hours every day.

• Medical Detox:
This program is for people who want to get rid of all the drugs from the body quickly and lower the risks of relapse. The withdrawal process is initiated under anaesthesia as certain drugs are administered to speed it up. Detox method used at drug rehab centers usually takes 3-5 days while the patient is monitored 24/7.

Drug rehabilitation is crucial for people who are suffering due to drugs, but in many cases, addicts’ fear of withdrawal effects come in the way of a possible recovery. What needs to be understood is that the effects can now be minimized, it will still be painful, but that should not stop anyone from walking on a road towards a brighter and sober future.



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