What is the Purpose of Drug Detox Centers?

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Drugs are responsible for destroying millions of lives and ruining thousands of families, and yet people still engage in drug-related activities. The consumption of illicit drugs in the California United States has been increasing by the second, the state has been trying to control this drug situation, but addicts don’t agree to accept the negative consequences of substance abuse.

Addiction treatment is painful, no doubt, but it saves people from digging their own graves. With technological and medical advancements, the treatment techniques nowadays minimize the pain to assist addicts in their journey to sobriety. The first step in the treatment process is drug detoxification; it is also the most dangerous and painful of the steps towards recovery. In this process, the patient’s body is cleansed of all the illicit substances which lead to withdrawal effects.

Withdrawal effects:
Withdrawal can have severe, life-threatening symptoms which include:
• Mental and Psychological symptoms: depression, anxiety, insomnia, panic attacks, weak memory, isolation and hallucinations
• Physical symptoms: Trouble breathing, increased heart rate, dizziness, diarrhoea, tremors, sweating, heart attack and strokes

In drug detox centers these withdrawal effects are managed and controlled with medication. In drug detox Sacramento, the patients are medically observed 24/7 while receiving detox treatment to find any abnormalities beforehand, and the risk of relapse is minimized as well. In almost every detox center the process follows the following steps.

Medical Detox process:

1. Patients instantly stop the use of drugs to get to the withdrawal stage. In the start the withdrawal effects are mild, but as the effects start to wear off, the withdrawal effects start to worsen. Patients are constantly assessed and analyzed at this stage.

2. In drug detox Sacramento, the patients are sedated, and withdrawal is initiated by introducing drug antagonist in the body in this stage. It’s the most painful because the withdrawal symptoms are at their worst. Medicines are given to reduce the effects of withdrawal. The probability of relapse is high in this stage.

3. As time passes, the body slowly becomes accustomed to the loss of drugs and starts to come back to its normal state. But there is still a risk of the worst withdrawal symptoms setting in if they don’t set in, the body conditions start to improve, and medication is minimized.

4. In the end, the patients are introduced to other forms of treatment because the withdrawal symptoms are minimized. But they don’t disappear just yet; they can stay up to a year being easy to cope with.

The withdrawal period is very painful, but the patient takes a big step towards sobriety. With the drugs out of the body, the patient can use his mind to get his life back on track and eradicate the negative behavior of consuming drugs.



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