How to Find Soles in Parkour Shoes

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We have done various articles on different factors to look for before choosing the right parkour shoes. However, those blogs had been cumulative, and we don’t get to talk a lot about any specific factor in detail. When it comes to buying the shoes, especially best parkour shoes, what matters the most is their sole.

In this article, we are going to discuss how to find soles in parkour shoes and how to identify the quality ones. We will talk about different aspects of soles found in shoes and also how various soles work differently from the others so we shall begin right now.

Look for Parkour Shoes with a one-piece sole:

Parkour is not like other sports, and thus, it demands a different type of shoes as well. Since the sole is the critical factor, you have got to make sure that the shoes you are buying must contain a one-piece sole. This is mainly because of the durability which is required since the one-piece sole would remain for a longer time than any two-piece sole.

Also, the one-piece sole synchronizes well with your feet and you will see feet in more control of what you are doing. While making a jump, you will feel your feet moving right as you want them to be, and thus you shall also have more command over the landing.

Parkour is a sport which involves jumping, climbing, and thus, there is a lot of pounding action going on. In this situation, a two-piece sole will not be able to tolerate the pressure of all this. On the other hand, the pressure in a one-piece is even, so the sole lasts longer.

What is important other than the sole?

Besides the sole of parkour shoes, there are many other things which must be ideal to contribute to the formation of the right pair of shoes. Here are some of those factors alongside their description:

Weight: The weight of the parkour shoes must be right. These shoes must be lighter because the heavier shoes will never allow you to make proper jumps and control them in the air. Also, the heavier shoes will cause a decrease in the stamina, and you will get tired very soon while you could have gone on for longer.

Get Two Pairs: When you get into this sport, it is going to be a while before you find the right pair of shoes. You can’t just buy one pair and say that it is the right one for you. You must try 2 to 3 different pairs of parkour shoes and then pick the one which suits you the best.

The Grip: You cannot become a good professional at this sport unless you know how to grip the surface. The hard work would make you better, and so would the right shoes. Make sure that the shoes you are buying would grip well on any surface you would be doing parkour on.


Here are some key points you must remember:

  • For parkour, always buy shoes with a one-piece sole.
  • Always buy shoes which are lighter in weight.
  • The grip of parkour shoes must be outstanding.

Always try many parkour shoes before choosing one for you.



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