Amsterdam Bachelor Party Service are some of the Best in the World

Amsterdam Bachelor Party Service are some of the Best in the World

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We’ve picked some of our favourite Amsterdam bachelor party services for you to peruse – if you’re planning an Amsterdam bachelor party, don’t miss out on these awesome events!

  • Amsterdam Beer Bike

The beer bike is an outlandish contraption, a giant bar on wheels powered by pedalling.  These awesome machines take groups on tours of Amsterdam’s city centre, while the passengers enjoy cold beers or glasses of bubbly prosseco.

  • Amsterdam shooting ranges

There are several shooting ranges in Amsterdam, and they are a great way to inject some excitement into your Amsterdam bachelor party.  Check out the different options to find something you’re really interested in trying your hand with – a couple of them even offer special rifle ranges!

  • Amsterdam Bar Crawl

Amsterdam has some of the best nightlife in Europe!  To get the most out of it take advantage of one of the many different bar crawl services available in the city.  With one of these night tours you get a complete tour of one of the city’s most exciting night life districts, and get to meet some new people too!

  • Amsterdam Canal Cruise

Amsterdam is famous for its canals, so don’t miss out on one of the ubiquitous canal cruises offered by half a dozen tour companies.  For a really awesome experience, hire a private boat and throw a party on the water.  You can only play music on the Amtel river, but that’s a fantastic place to throw a boat party – shop around for a competitive price.

  • Amsterdam Bubble Football

No Amsterdam Bachelor Party is complete without some kind of crazy event, and bubble football is an Amsterdam favourite.  Suit up in a zorb bubble suit and try a game of 5 aside that is sure to result in side splitting laughter as you bounce your mates around the pitch!  Most services will send a referee to organise your game, but these events normally devolve.

  • Amsterdam Coffee shop Crawl

Amsterdam is famous for its coffee shop culture, and the best way to discover it is by taking one of the coffee shop tours that are offered by many of Amsterdam’s tour companies.  These tours are a great way to learn about the history of cannabis in Amsterdam, and to find some of the city’s most chic coffee shops.  Good tours will take you to particularly famous stops like the Original Dampkring, the favourite coffee shop of the Ocean’s 12 film crew, or Mellow Yellow, the oldest coffee shop in the city.

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