Moving, but No New Address? 5 Tips for a Temporary Move

Moving, but No New Address? 5 Tips for a Temporary Move

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Do you have a temporary move? Read on! It may be that you have already sold your house, but not yet in your new house. Are you working on a major renovation of your house, so you cannot live at home? Are you going on a long journey before you settle down in your new home? In all these cases you are dealing with a temporary move. For a short period, you will have to store yourself and your belongings at a temporary address. What should you pay attention to? Do you have any long distance moving FAQ in your mind? You can read that in this moving tip!

Not possible to register at your temporary address?
It is possible that you temporarily live at an address where you cannot be officially registered: this is the case, for example, if you are in a holiday home that has not been approved for permanent residence.
But even if you live temporarily with friends or family, you may not want to register as an official resident because this may affect their allowances and taxes. In this case, you can temporarily use a letter address. This means that you temporarily register at the address of friends or family, but that you are not seen as part of their household. This way your presence has no consequences for their financial situation.

Temporary move: what to do with the mail?
Of course, you also want to receive mail at your temporary address, or at least pick up your mail somewhere. There are several options for this:

Forwarding service postal companies
With a forwarding service, you can temporarily forward your mail to another address. So this is perfect if you are at a temporary address. You can then give your final address changes as soon as you move to your final address.

Post to your new address earlier.
If you have a good contact with the residents of your future home, then you may be able to agree with them that your mail will already arrive at the new address. If you move to a new house, you can usually place a green mailbox on the lot. So, you can already receive your mail at your new address.

Mail still received at your old address
Do you have no possibility to receive your mail at your new address? And do you want or can you not receive mail at your temporary address? Then maybe you can agree with the new residents of your old house that your post will be at your old address until you have finally moved to your new home.

Note: If you do not have the option to receive mail at your old, new or temporary address, you can consider a renting mailbox. You can rent a mailbox, but there is a rental period specified by different companies, varies from 6 months to a year.



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