Microsoft Office is the Most Basic Computer Course-What are the Benefits?

Microsoft Office is the Most Basic Computer Course-What are the Benefits?

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Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint … Do you want to be quickly familiarized with the possibilities of Microsoft Office? With the successful and practical Office course, you can quickly learn all the required basic skills of the frequently used office tools.
Microsoft Office, it is a concept in the world of word processing, entering numbers in spreadsheets and creating presentations.
Do you have no experience with Office or do you already work with it, but do you want to get further out of the programs? The Cours Gratuits helps you on your way and lets you discover all functions. So, you can work more efficiently and smoothly with Office.

Benefits of Microsoft Office:

Time Saving
The possibilities of Office are endless. After completing the course, you notice that working with the computer is much more comfortable and you quickly save time.

A Basic Office Course has Four parts
In a basic office course, you gradually learn at your own pace the possibilities of frequently used Office programs. The following items are discussed extensively:
• Word
• Excel
• PowerPoint
• Access and Outlook

Good on Your Resume
Thousands of trainees already preceded you and daily enjoy the knowledge they gained in this course. Employers attach importance to good and up-to-date knowledge of Office. Obtaining the diploma or certificate is therefore certainly a plus when you apply. You can complete your resume with the Office course and increase your career opportunities.

The Office course consists of the following components:

1. Word
First of all, the program will be discussed that you will probably use the most: the word processor that belongs to Office, Word. This program is, both business and private, a very popular word processor. The possibilities of Word are unprecedented. Some people already work with Word but are not aware of the numerous extra features. Knowledge means dealing with Word faster, more creative and more efficiently.

2. Excel
The second program covered in this Office course is the spreadsheet program Excel. With a spreadsheet, different calculations and tables can be made at lightning speed.

3. PowerPoint
PowerPoint is a presentation program. You can use this program to create slideshows that you can show on the computer. This program is very practical for people who sometimes have to give a presentation, for example at work, at school or in club life. All presentations can also be decorated with illustrations and graphs.

4. Access and Outlook
Access is a database program. This allows data to be stored conveniently and easily retrieved. Outlook is an extension of the agenda provided with Windows. In addition to this agenda, Outlook also includes an address book and a planner. Very handy for keeping track of your appointments! You see, the possibilities of Office are extraordinary. After completing this Office course, you will see that working with the PC is a lot easier.



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