All About Flower Boxes

All About Flower Boxes

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Flowers are one of the most touching gifts one could give to someone special. Unfortunately, even the sturdiest of flowers are quite delicate, so they can’t be transported easily. However, this problem can be easily solved by investing in flower boxes. These protect the flowers and keep them from withering or falling apart before they reach the owner. Below are a few more advantages which would make you want to buy flower boxes wholesale:

The Gift of Luxury
It’s not just about keeping flowers intact. When packaged in the right manner, flower boxes can give a sense of luxury and make them seem more high-end than otherwise. Even opening the package would become an experience to be remembered.

Different Styles
No matter what kind of flowers you need to send and for what occasion, there’s a customized box for it. One can choose to have their flowers packed in a round, square, rectangle, window, velvet, or oval box. There are several other options too. With hundreds of employees researching and handling flower packaging, there’s little chance of anything getting overlooked.

If a business or individual needs flower boxes in bulk, these would save them quite a bit of money. Any manufacturer of custom packaging boxes would be happy to take a big order of customized flower boxes wholesale. The factory that makes the packaging boxes could easily change its setting to accommodate large orders.
This is why such factories supply boxes to giant companies and corporations such as Target, Wal-Mart, and IKEA. One example of such a factory is Mos Packaging & Printing Ltd.

Flowers can quickly lose their value as a gift if they aren’t packaged in high-quality material. At Mos Packaging & Printing Ltd, the production materials have passed ROSH inspection. Its factory has also passed the ISO 90001 and ISO 14001 audits.

Mos Packaging & Printing Ltd is also able to provide you with flower boxes wholesale that have silk screen printing, customized logos, gold stamping or foil stamping in various colors. This would allow you to customize your flower boxes according to your brand name.

Adding Paper
Cheap cellophane is no longer acceptable, especially not when you’ve shelled out for some expensive flowers. Such treasures deserve a proper filling inside their boxes too. Examples include craft paper, art paper or gloss, matte and laminated shades. These are available in all the colors and textures one could wish for.
If you need any printing done on the paper, the company also has top-quality printing equipment. Thus, the quality of the output leaves little to wish for.

Sending flowers as a gift is always a risk but not with the boxes provided especially for their transport and delivery. In fact, the use of flower boxes could make the flowers last longer than otherwise and be more presentable. You may be able to seriously impress your customers, family, and friends by sending them flowers in an amazing packaging.



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