What does an Online Marketing Agency do and What can you Expect from it?

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For many people, the services of an online marketing agency (or digital marketing agency) are somewhat abstract. On social occasions, we regularly get the question: ‘But what are you doing now?’

In this blog article, we tell you what we do; we give 5 reasons why you should work together with an agency and explain what you can expect from an online marketing agency.


What does a digital marketing agency do?

A digital marketing agency uses the internet as a medium to bring your company to the attention of your target group. Online marketing agencies provide various services to increase the findability of your website. Think about:


Search engine optimisation (SEO): optimising a website so that it gets a higher position in search engines like Google and Bing

Advertise in search engines (SEA): the use and optimisation of Google AdWords or Bing Ads advertisements

Social media marketing: building a relationship with the customer via social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn

Content marketing: filling a website with valuable and relevant information

E-mail marketing: sending e-mail newsletters


Strategic approach

An agency like HiTechies helps you strategically use online marketing to achieve your business goals. This way we ensure that our customers make optimum use of the possibilities of internet marketing.

Without preaching too much for our parish, we are convinced that online marketing can make any organisation more successful. With the help of internet marketing, you can reach many people at relatively low costs, especially compared to traditional platforms such as newspapers and TV.

The world of online marketing is constantly changing. What worked very well last year to be found well via the internet can be out of date this year. A good online marketer is therefore never learned.


As we see it, there are two options:

or you become an online marketing expert;

or you work together with an internet marketing agency.



5 Reasons to Hire a Digital Marketing Agency


You cannot do everything yourself

The image that you can become an expert in all facets of online marketing is not realistic. There are so many possibilities that you will be short of time for this. You can only spend your budget once, ask an expert to make this investment as smart as possible.


You will get to know your target group better

We notice that companies lack the knowledge and time to do thorough keyword research. The keywords are the words people use when searching for your services and products. Using keyword research, you will get to know your target group better. You see how they use search engines like Google in their search for your company.


You make optimal use of Google Analytics

Every company with a website should have Google Analytics installed. This free tool provides insight into the performance of your website. Google Analytics is very user-friendly and understandable for everyone.


You make optimal use of social media marketing

LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest. You probably know a few and make at least one use. How do you use social media business? Are you already using the advertising possibilities of social media? Advertising on social media brings many benefits. The vast majority of all existing target groups can be reached via social media.


You convince people instead of informing them alone

Does your website contain only pages that are informed? Or are there good sales pages written? With the help of copywriting you make sure that you persuade visitors to perform a certain action. Think of filling in a contact form.

A copywriter is also something different than a copywriter. A copywriter informs while a good copywriter focuses more on convincing the reader. Strong persuasive texts are crucial for successful marketing.


What can you expect from an online marketing agency?

Suppose you choose to work together with an online marketing agency. What can you expect from them?


Always start thinking about what you want to achieve with the help of internet marketing. Be transparent and tell your expectations to the agency of your choice. No online marketing agency wants to disappoint you, but if this first step is skipped, disappointment is sometimes inevitable. A good agency tells you in advance if your objectives are realistic.



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