Significant Factors For Vending Gift Cards in Nigeria

Significant Factors For Vending Gift Cards in Nigeria

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Buying and selling of gift cards such as Amazon Gift Cards, Steam Gift Cards, Walmart Gift Cards, iTunes Gift Cards, and Google Play Gift Cards, is now an emerging business, especially in highly developed countries. To avoid the risk of scamming or loses, it is safer to register the gift card online, that allows the tracking of the remaining balance in case of losing the card.

That’s why; having gift cards is a more guarded choice than cash. The initial loading amount of Gift Cards begins from a minimum $10 and generally a maximum of $500.

Traits of an Adequate Gift Card Exchange Platform in Nigeria:

A good trading platform must possess the following characteristics:
To sell gift card in Nigeria is a real matter of trustworthiness. You must enquire from the customers for recommendations about the platform by which you want to trade the gift cards.
Comfortable transaction:
You need to choose a platform, which encourages enterprise in the easiest form to avoid any complication.
Substantial rates:
The seller should make deals with the platform which offers the highest rates and doesn’t hold the acquisitive behaviour towards its customers to enjoy the increase in sales volume.
Quick Response:
It’s necessary to go for a platform, which ensures instant reply to their customers and this can be checked easily by reviewing their Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook profiles.
Flexible payment plan:
It must endeavor the flexible payment to trade in Nigeria. There should be the guarantee of instant payments for your gift cards.

Some Good Platforms for the Sale of Gift Cards in Nigeria:
There are now various platforms through which selling of gift cards in Nigeria seems convenient, but people hunt for the best and effective platform for trading purpose. Following is the list of some trustworthy platforms:
• IGCTrader
• Cardtonic
• Paxful

The Business of Gift cards in Nigeria:
Commencing the Gift Cards’ business in Nigeria can lead you to a productive and profitable career by following the venture, given below:

1. Detailed Survey:
To develop your gift card, you need to visit various marketplaces and stores which are involved in the trading of Gift Cards. Contemplate on the collection of their gift cards, and see what you can add in it.

2. Be Unconventional:
Analyse yourself, how is it possible for you to build a distinctive place in the market, and create a remarkable image for the targeted customers.

3. Business Strategy:
There must be a plan for your business set up in Nigeria, which includes the following requisites:
• Total expenditure.
• Funds required to launch your business.
• Your complete Profile.
• Credibility.
• Advertisement.

4. Business License:
Obtaining a business license is complimentary for running a small- or large-scale business.

5. Digital Approach For Acquiring a Broad Spectrum:
You must customize your gift cards in a digital format to engage and satisfy more and more customers.

Promotions and Advertisements:
To expand your market, you must be efficient in advertising. For this purpose, you should:

• Provide free samples to inform people about the services of your Gift Cards in the beginning.
• Display the cards on billboards and banners.
• Distribute brochures and flyers.
• Propose “Buy one Get one free Scheme” to perk up the customers.
• Promote your gift cards through Social Media Marketing.



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