5 Effective Ways to Reduce PCB Assembly Cost While Maintaining Quality

5 Effective Ways to Reduce PCB Assembly Cost While Maintaining Quality

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Engineers especially the ones at the beginner’s level find it difficult to cut the costs of PCB assembly. Ray PCB is of the view that just reducing the cost of the PCB and risking the quality results in failed circuit boards.

So, it is imperative to find the perfect balance between PCB assembling cost and quality. For that matter, we have brought you five effective ways to reduce the PCB assembly cost while maintaining the quality as well.

1. Locate a Professional PCB assembler who offers Services at Optimal Cost
All PCB assemblers claim to provide the most cost-effective services. However, not everyone offers what they claim. First things first, be completely aware of the requirements and budget of your project. Then conduct thorough research of the market to find the best assembler. Consider the following aspects while researching:
• Certificates: some of the necessary certificates include ISO9001, RoHS, UL.
• Equipment: up-to-date equipment to ensure efficiency and superior quality.
• Component procurement: go for an assembler who offers component sourcing service as well to make the process smooth.
There are several other aspects to consider as well which we will discuss further down. RayMing Technology is a good choice to start with.

2. Optimization of Schematic Design
Next way is the optimization of the schematic design of the PCB. Before going ahead with the actual manufacturing, it is utmost important to check if your circuit can be implemented which is known as the design for manufacturing check. The following elements must be considered while trying to reduce the cost of your bare PCBs:
• Layer count
• Via tech
• Size and shape
• Surface finish
All these factors can help in finally reducing the cost.

3. Make an effective BOM
The bill of materials (BOM) is the complete list of the items, assemblies, components, raw materials, etc. that are needed for the product manufacturing. Don’t take this step to be an easier one as most of the mistakes are found in this one. A complete list includes all the essential items for the PCB assembler including part number, reference designator, manufacturer name, quantity, description, SMT method, case/package, points/footprint, top/bottom, and BOM level. Finally, be prepared for any emergency.

4. Adjust order volume
As the order volume increases the price for the circuit assembly of each circuit board becomes lesser. So, it is imperative to study the situation of your organization in depth to know the order volumes and then select the right PCB assembly manufacturer who can cater to your needs.

5. Consider lead time
Never be dodged by the attractive lead time that a PCB assembler might be offering. Different PCB assemblers use different ways to calculate the lead time. So, make sure you know the following before deciding:
• Starting time
• Day of order and day of payment
• Day of the arrival of components
In short, the longer the lead time, the lesser the price.

So, go ahead and use these ways to cut back your PCB assembly cost without compromising the quality.



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