How to Find Jobs at Summer Camps 2019 in America

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Camping in the summer opens the door to many opportunities. For the younger children, it is a time to enjoy camping with friends while for older ones, it is a new opportunity to explore America and earn some pocket money. Let’s have a look at what positions a typical Camp America offers!

Camp Counsellor
Becoming a camp counsellor is one way for you to interact with the kids and live with them. The job is simple; something that everyone does in their usual routines. The opportunity also opens the doors for you to earn some good money and experience something new and different.

The counsellor slot requires you to fill one of the two positions; general counsellors and activity counsellors. You can apply for one of the two jobs depending on your personal expertise. The general camp counsellors usually do activities related to different fields and nothing in particular, whereas activity counsellors must possess master-level skills in one specific field to qualify as an activity camp counsellor.

For instance, you may apply for one of the following if you intend to do activity counselling: athletics, baseball, cricket, football, photography, dancing, fishing, horse riding, martial arts, water sports, etc.

Support Staff
Students, who do not want to do a comparatively tougher job of camp counselling, still have other options at the American Camps. They can join a camp as a Support Staff and play their roles in making the camp a better place for all. Here too, they got a couple of options to choose from.

In order to qualify for support staff, the applicant should be able to enjoy doing one or more of the following: kitchen related work, laundry, cleaning, maintenance, or office tasks. Though these areas require effort too, but the expertise is not that important. If you have the will and energy to do it, just apply to Camp America!



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