Aiseesoft FoneTrans-Manage Everything for Your iPhone

Aiseesoft FoneTrans-Manage Everything for Your iPhone

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A professional transfer can be very helpful, for example, if you want to copy the music from iPhone to iPad, if you want to manage the iPhone data, or if you want to transfer the data from old iPhone to a new one. There are many iOS data management software on the market, but which one is the best? In this review I will try FoneTrans iOS Transfer on my PC (Windows 10).

This transfer supports a variety of data types including photos, music, SMS, contacts, audiobooks, podcasts, etc. Here I will transfer the data between iPhone and iPod and I take music as an example.

At first I downloaded this transfer to the official website and then installed it. After installation, I am asked to activate the software. For the trial version the amount and size of the data are limited. Then I connect my iPhone and iPod via 2 USB cables to the software. After the successful connection, you can view the connected devices on the surface.

In the left column you can see the devices and many file types. Click on “Media” below the iPod category and then select “Music” from the top menu. All music on iPod will be displayed. If you want to choose just several music titles, you’ll tick off the item in front of the music.

Then I click “Export”, and here you can see the other connected device. After choosing my iPhone, the software will automatically start loading music from iPod to iPhone. Because I just transmitted 8 music, the process of transmission takes quite fast.

This data transfer can also be good at data management. I want to create a playlist, so I have to arrange all my music first. With this software, I can select, delete, and manage the iPod music selectively or completely on the computer.

Then I played the music on my iPhone. All selected music are there and I can play this without loss of quality. In short, this software – Aiseesoft FoneTrans complies as mentioned, and if you are looking for an iOS transfer tool, you can just try this one.



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