Have Your Ever Visited Pattaya Island Thailand?

Have Your Ever Visited Pattaya Island Thailand?

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Have you ever dreamt of spending one of your vacations on an island?
Where on a special night do you wake up for the party?
Where every moment that you spend there is worth it?
That kind of feeling that you do not want to forget?
Have you ever thought of camp Thailand?

Just imagine!

History of Pattaya
Pattaya is one of the most beautiful towns that is located approximately about 147 kilometres the southeast sides of the gulf coast of Thailand. It is widely known for its wild nightlife scenes that highly attract thousands of international visitors every year.

The inhabitants of the town in 1960 were known for their fishing habits, and, later on, the city became urbanised and saw extensive range hotel resorts being developed. Pattaya’sclimate experience a tropical dry and wet climate over the seasons; from December to February is hot and dry, March to April- the weather is humid and warm, and during May and November, it is usually hot and rainy.

Pattaya is divided into 3; North Pattaya which has sand that is brown red and a light blue sea. It is known to have the best beautiful swimming spot — Central Pattaya, currently famous and known for its brown-red sandy beaches, elegant accommodations and facilities. Here you will find a wide range of sporting activities like the banana boat, jet skiing and many more. Lastly, South Pattaya has a beautiful sandy beach.


Why choose to visit Pattaya Island?

There are many reasons as to why one should have their vacation at PattayaIsland. Pattaya offers a relaxing tropical ambience that will make one never to forget their stay on the island, and would prefer to come back for more on their next holiday vacation.

The kind of environment in the island is breathtaking and just out of the world, giving one that is never-ending and beautiful feeling inside.

The island offers a wide range of luxurious and comfortable accommodations from hotels that are fully fitted with conventions of the state of the art facilities to even guest houses that are simple but fully equipped, all depending on one’s preferred choice as to where they would prefer to stay during their vacation.

From the beautiful themes, amusement parks, museums, gardens and a wide range of entertainment and leisure activities for everyone, is why you must visit Pattaya Island. With all these, who would not want to visit Pattaya Island and get mesmerised?

Pattaya Island the most beautiful island in Thailand hence a must visit the place at least once in your lifetime.



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