Leave Your Mother A Memory on Your Wedding Day

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The parents of the bride have a lot of mixed feelings on the wedding day. Happiness intermingles with sadness as they give away their girl having tears in their eyes when they walk down that aisle with their daughter hand in hand.

Inside they have a million emotions going about, and these are the hardest few steps they take in their lives. They are happy to give away their daughter to the man of her dreams, but at the same time, they are sad to miss a beautiful part of their family whom they never wanted to share with anyone.

Mother of the bride is especially feeling low but still is seen the happiest person present their celebrating the time with joy and happiness and making sure everything is going fine.

At this stage, you might never notice that you could leave her much more than a goodbye hug with tears in eyes. You should leave her a gift as a souvenir so that she always ends up in smiling seeing that token when she misses you.

Here are some excellent ideas regarding the mother of the bride gifts.

1) Mother Of The Bride Costume
there are many costumes available out there in the market with specially designed images and logos showing love and care for the mother/ you can buy a shirt, shawl, jumper, overcoat with mother of the bride printed on it.
She will love wearing that as being called that will make her feel proud and happy. She will also love to receive such a beautiful thing from you on your big day. Wearing that costume or seeing that will always make her love you and see you more often.

2) Handkerchiefs
You might be thinking about what sort of gift it is but do not take it lightly. You will find many designed fancy beautiful handkerchiefs with some love message printed on it. You will find a wide range of designs, messages and colours and can also custom write a message.
This will be a very sentimental gift and a genuine token of yours. Do not hesitate to explore the variety at different online stores as well as shops in the market.

3) Photo Frames
A picture captures a moment. You might be having the pictures of many beautiful times you are spent with your mother. It wasn’t only you who enjoyed but also your mother. Get out that photograph(s) and frame them to gift your mother.
She will love it and will hang it to the wall of her room or place it near to her. Whenever she will saw you, all the good times will pass through her memory making her smiling and thinking about you.

4) Mother Of The Bride Crown
If you want to honour your mother in front of many people, your wedding day is a perfect day to do so. Buy a beautiful crown and ask your mother to join you on stage after your wedding. Crown her and tell her how important she is to you.



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