Street Photography Excitement-With these 7 Tips You Can Go A Long Way

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Many photographers enjoy street photography very much, but sometimes you have to cross a threshold as a photographer. Read here how to overcome these fears.

Tip 1: Ask someone for a portrait photography
The first thing I had to learn during my photography training was getting off to people I do not know and asking if I could make a portrait of them.

You have to cross a threshold for this, but if you have requested one person, the next ten will go automatically. A tool is to pick people who look striking. These people would like to stand out. The probabilities are that they will say yes to your question and that they will also pose.

Tip 2: let people come to you
Choose a beautiful place in a busy street and stay in that specific spot. In this way, people come to you, and you do not have to look for people. You will start to feel more at ease, and you will not notice much.

Tip 3: Leave your eye-catching zoom lens at home
In another message about street photography, I wrote that as a photographer with a large telephoto zoom lens, you stand out because of that large lens, even though you are standing at a distance from the person you are photographing. You just fall less when you are in the audience.

This means you have to get closer and use a different lens, preferably a wide-angle lens. A wide-angle lens is generally a lot smaller and therefore a lot more modest. Add a system camera, and you are almost undercover. Another advantage is that you come closer to your subject.

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Tip 4: shoot from your hip
If you still do not feel relaxed with the unsolicited photographing of people, you can choose to photograph from your hip. This requires practice because you apparently do not see what you’re filming. After a while, you start to feel, and you can shoot focused on your hip.

Tip 5: pretend you are crazy
This is my favourite tip, pretending to be crazy. Act like a tourist and make it seem like you are photographing the background or the beautiful building while you are actually shooting the people.

Tip 6: self-assured again
When are you nervous, people will notice that because if you are nervous, you often do something that is not right? When you are confident, people will leave you in peace sooner. Another advantage if you are self-assured is that you go after your goal at all costs. That is why it does not matter to you if people find something about you and you can safely continue to photograph.

Tip 7: choose carefully
You do not know in advance how someone reacts when he or she notices that they are being photographed, but with some people, you can feel that in advance. Pay attention to that and try to estimate if someone does not or does not mind being photographed.

These were the 7 tips. I would say, try tip 1 as quickly as possible and go one step further!



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