Pet Dandruff: How To Control Dogs And Cats Hair Dandruff

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Having a pet at home is like a best friend is always there for you. There are various issues related to pets and one is dandruff. But does cats and dogs have dandruff? So the answer is yes both dogs and cats have dandruff and there are various factors responsible for that.

However, dandruff is not a medical issue but it makes you alert that your pet is having the dry skin. So this must not be ignored at any cost and proper action should be taken to make your pet free from this problem.

What causes this skin dryness, sometimes flaky skin is the sign of the medical issue and you must visit your veterinary. Hormonal imbalance can cause this problem and through blood samples and skin samples, the problem is diagnosed. Pet express having all medications for your pet and easy to have from it makes your task easy and your pet healthy faster.



Diet is the important thing that sometimes imbalanced and causes skin dryness. Dogs and cats need a special type of fats to have their fur shiny and skin healthy. So make sure your pet is having good quality dog food or the good quality cat food.
You can add oil based supplements for your dogs and cats. Fish oil is the best for the skin and the hairs as it contains the omega-3 fatty acids. But these oils should be introduced slowly as this can cause the stomach upset or diarrhea like issues.

Maintaining hygiene is the most important point to keep the dog and cats hairs and skin healthy. Daily bath can help in keeping dandruff at bay. You can use the dandruff shampoo that you can have at pet express to keep your dog or cat’s skin and hair healthy and beautiful.

Not to over bathe your pets as the continuous use of these shampoos and conditioners can make the medical issues. You can ask the veterinary doctor to have the skin care products best for your cats and dogs.

After a bath never forget to use the good brush to make the hairs shiny and smooth. Brushing daily helps to spread the coat’s natural oil to all over and massage the skin of your pet. It’s your responsibility to choose the right brush for your pet as the brush is according to the coat of your pet.

Overweight pets are not able to groom themselves, especially at their back so they need more attention and care. Like this old pets are also not able to groom so it is good to make them healthy and clean by taking proper care of them. Always keep on monitoring the lice or the bugs on your pet’s skin as this can make them feel irritable and this can harm their skin too.

Everything is available nowadays to take care of your pet in a good way. So never get panic if your dog or cat has dandruff, these simple points help you out to get rid of such issue.



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