Essential Items for a New Baby – Few Important Must Haves

Essential Items for a New Baby – Few Important Must Haves

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The journey of breastfeeding is exhilarating and full of happiness and love. While that is true, it can also be frustrating, stressful and outright distressing.

If you are a new mom, you probably want to prepare in every way possible for any difficulties that you may face. Confused about which breastfeeding must haves you should get? Are you overwhelmed by the many products out there? Want to know the best and apt products?

Then sit tight as we introduce it all to you!

To enhance your journey and make it a whole lot smoother we’ve listed numerous products that are comfortable and relaxing for both, you and your baby.

Breastfeeding pillows

Nursing pillows are indispensable and provide the perfect perch to help your newborn latch onto you. These pillows are firm enough to support the baby comfortably while assuring moms won’t have to hunch their backs and reduce the strain in their body.

While a breastfeeding pillow is the best decision to help you face the challenges of breastfeeding, finding the best fit, shape, and firmness can be a little troublesome.

Make sure you find the one that works best for you!

Nursing bras

Nursing bras are essential and provide support and convenience. The cups of these bras can be easily unhooked or pulled down to make your breasts easily accessible whenever it’s time to nurse. They come with pads to conceal leaks and even have room for an additional pad!

If you find a right nursing bra that fits you perfectly and is comfortable as well, get it at once!

Nursing clothes

When you’re out of the house with your baby, nursing clothes are there to make feeding easier for you!

These specially designed clothes vary from casual to formal dresses and are even available in more professional attire. They have flaps, slits, zippers or buttons in the front so you can easily breastfeed without having to lift your clothes.

Breast pump

Breast pumps are essential, especially if you are a working mom. They collect milk so you can be at peace knowing that your baby will be well-fed in your absence. It also relieves engorgement, increases milk supply and manages excessive milk supply.

Storage bags

Storage bags are mainly made for the collection of storage breast milk. These bags have cooling packs built into their walls to keep the milk stored for a more extended period.

Breast pads

These disc-shaped pads can be placed inside your bra to soak up any excess milk that leaks. Most women leak, so these pads can be a lifesaver to avoid a mess!

Breast shells

If you have a sore nipple, these shells are best to help you recover. They are also used to draw out flat nipples and provide a comfortable barrier.

Ointments for nipples

A new mom’s nipple is bound to get sore. To heal cracked, dry, irritated and to moisturise nipples a variety of creams are available.

Lanolin-based nipple creams are the most popular ones.


One thing most women look over is a stool.

A stool is super useful to keep your knees elevated and to abstain from hunching your back while holding the baby in the right position.

Hydration and food!

Your baby’s health is essential but so is yours!

Keep water and healthy snacks like milk supplying cookies, energy bars and nuts nearby, so you drink and eat a lot while breastfeeding.



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