King of Romantic Rivers-Krabi Thailand

King of Romantic Rivers-Krabi Thailand

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Everyone dreams of going on a vacation at least once in their lifetime in a beautiful and serene environment. A place where they will feel free and relaxed away from all the hustle and bustle of life.

Krabi Thailand history
Krabi town is found on the southern coast of Thailand province of Krabi. It is a town resort near the beach of Andaman, occupying an area of karsts limestone’s’ and forests of mangrove. It was believed that between 25,000-35000 BCE.

Krabi was home to the Homo sapiens, because remains of a skeleton, stone tools, potteries, beads had coloured paintings had been found in some of the caves and cliffs of the province. Some archaeological findings indicate Krabi as one of the oldest in Thailand. In around 12, 00 A.D it was known as ‘Ban Thai Samo.,’ believed to be one of the 12 cities that had a symbol of a monkey as a town.

Krabi Thailand usually experiences rainy seasons from May to November because of the monsoon climate, very much suitable for backpacking Thailand. Several national parks have much occupied the province, and it also contains about 80 other smaller islands like Phi Phi and Ko Lanta all which provide an array of adventurous activities to the visiting tourists from across the world over.

Why visit Krabi Thailand?
Thailand as a country is made of the most beautiful and amazing beaches of all times, from the lagoon to the mountains, hills, caves, Buddhists temples, clear waters, mangroves and even tropical rainforests. The breathtaking sceneries are so beautiful, that when you look at them, you will not want to take your eyes off instead you’d prefer to stare even more. A beautiful environment that is out of this world, and cannot be imagined when asked to but, worth experiencing.

The island in Krabi offers a wide variety of activities for all its visitors from adventures, scuba diving, swimming, bird watching, full moon party, sailing, and impressive panoramic views at the hilltop of the island. The beaches also provide avenues for rock climbing activities as well as events like the Rock and Fire festivals.

The hotels on the island offer top-notch accommodations rooms and facilities for their visitors, and the staffs are highly trained and ready to provide their services to customers at any time. So, why not let the next beautiful vacation that you are planning to be spent on beautiful Krabi Thailand because it’s worth it?

Krabi Thailand is one of the most authentic Thailand experiences for anyone.



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