Simple Yet Crucial Steps to Become A Tesla Owner

Simple Yet Crucial Steps to Become A Tesla Owner

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Tesla is the new trend, and with time, it will become a standard vehicle to fulfil your day to day travel requirements without harming nature.

But owning a Tesla isn’t easy as making a cup of tea. Tesla is a one-time investment that needs smart decisions and thorough research ahead. Still, many people face trouble in finding the right Tesla for their purpose. The selection of one from all¬†Tesla car models¬†makes it confusing to finalize and checkout your favourite car.

So, especially for you, we have brought a simple yet crucial step by step content to own a Tesla hassle-free.

Step One: Visit the Official Website or Showroom:

There are only two ways to own a Tesla, i.e., through the official website or visiting a nearby showroom. In either case, there isn’t any option to buy on the spot. Instead, you are required to make a booking and wait for its delivery. The reason being, every car is customized to serve its owner. Hence it takes time in delivery.

Though Tesla’s Design Studio, you can customize your dream car with features that you want to include. In terms of customization, you have options like Model, Top speed, Range, Wheels, Autopilot, Color, and interior design that you can choose to build your own Tesla.

NOTE: With ordering your Tesla, extra investment is required for separate Charging port installation at home. So, don’t forget that investment!

Step Two: Clear Your Doubts with a Representative

Buying a Tesla isn’t a quick process as you will pay a significant amount for your dream car. So, instead of buying online, it’s recommended to reach your nearest Service center and ask for your queries. Alongside discussing your questions, you can also take a Tesla for a test drive and experience its smoothness.

Not every location has a showroom. In such a case, you can wait for test drive events in your region. There is another good option that you can consider to strengthen your buying decision. You can take a Tesla car for a test drive and return it after three days. It is a better option than the latter one when you are going to spend a substantial sum.

Step Three: Make it Yours

And the last step is paying upfront for the car and makes it yours. Followed by the selection of your dream car added with available customizations, you can get your vehicle. Not every showroom has enough supply for their customers. Hence you need to wait for its delivery.

Buying from the local service center comes with the conventional way of paperwork, followed by a small celebration. However, buying online gives you easy and hassle-free options to apply for a loan, complete the documentation, and get your custom-configured car.

With these three steps, you can fulfill your dream of owning a Tesla and take it for a long drive. Remember, Tesla is more than a standard vehicle that you opt for your day to day operations. Tesla has made it a futuristic car that can give you a sci-fi feel, added with wealthy feeling.



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