Are You Planning for House Moving, Here is A Moving Checklist

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Whether you’re moving from one side of the country to the other or just two blocks away, good preparation is everything. A flawless course is only possible if you leave nothing to chance.


This checklist helps you with the planning of your move: packing, the administrative side, appointments with your landlord … until the big day!


Tailor-made moving guide

Immediately leave nothing to chance and request your customized moving guide. This moving planner helps you prepare your move to the smallest details.


Three months before the move

Take the plunge: do you outsource the move to a professional company or arrange everything yourself? If you go for a company: make clear agreements about who does what.

  • Empty an apartment or a floor? Then fix a moving lift.
  • Start collecting newspaper and house moving boxes.
  • Look out for blankets to protect your furniture. Collect ribbons and ropes.
  • Take the measurements of your new home, so you can already plan the interior.
  • Find a new school for your children. You will receive information at the Center for Student Guidance.
  • Go to the container park regularly, so you don’t waste precious time just before the move.
  • Especially for the tenant
  • Send your landlord a registered letter to cancel the rent.
  • Together with him / her, record the visiting days and hours for interested tenants.
  • Determine the takeover prices for items that you do not take with you.

Make the necessary repairs to avoid problems during the inventory.



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