WHO: Virus Likely To Be Transmitted To Humans Through An Animal Species

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The most likely hypothesis is that the coronavirus was transmitted to humans through a species.


The international research team of the World Health Organization (WHO) said this during a press conference in the Chinese city of Wuhan. The scientists found no evidence that the virus was already circulating in Wuhan before December 2019.

The World Health Organization (WHO) international research team investigating the origins of the coronavirus in China has given a press conference for the first time since its arrival last month.

“The team found no evidence that the virus was circulating in Wuhan before December 2019,” said the head of the expert team Peter Ben Embarek. According to Ben Embarek, this is a “classic story of a virus outbreak”, in which several infections led to the first clusters.

Scientists have not yet been able to determine the origin of the virus, but they did investigate several hypotheses. It remains a possibility that the virus has passed directly from the bat to humans, but there may also have been a so-called “intermediate host” in the game.

“A direct jump from the bat to humans is unlikely, we are looking for other animals that could have been an intermediate host,” said Ben Embarek.

A third possibility is that the virus reached humans through frozen food. Ben Embarek calls it “very unlikely” that the virus was spread in a laboratory via an incident. He proposes not to spend any further time on that hypothesis. Former US President Donald Trump drew attention to that possibility during his tenure.



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